[Done]Amber Champagne Coat

  • So I can't really make coats, I do try but I do also fail...

    I would appreciate it greatly if someone could make me an Amber Champagne coat just completely naked I'll deal with the markings(will be going on the offspring of one of my mares).

  • I might give it a try, but the horse will come up for auctions on my site if you dont want it, so no pressure. You dont need to take it.

    How much will you be able to pay for it?

  • @Thea-Radmer since it'll basically be a blank canvas that I'll be the white markings on I'm aiming for at least $3,000

  • Sure, ill see what i can do, it is just a coat you are after, or is it the whole horse?

  • @Thea-Radmer just a coat, it's for an offspring of one of my mares who I recently covered. I use to be able to make champagne coats but I spent a few hours trying last night and gave up.

  • Sure 😂 well, im on my way home now, i can give it a try then i come home

  • are you still looking?

  • @Maritza-Aehrenthal said in [Wanted]Amber Champagne Coat:

    @Gwen-Parker yes

    please DM me and send me a reference if you have one :slight_smile:

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