[ENDED] Causeway's Yearling Sale

  • Rules:

    • You may not put the horse up for mass download, but if you co-own a stable, you may share the horse with that other person. Please contact me though.
    • You may not edit the coat, conformation, or gender. However, you are allowed to edit shine/detail markings, geld colts, and adjust the conformation to simulate pregnancy, fitness, or a stallion filling out.
    • I have no formal activity requirement, as long as the horse is actively competed in R shows.
    • The horse will be reclaimed if you have become inactive for one equus year, or four real life months.
    • You are responsible for registering the horse, but please use my creator ID (162). You must register them as realistic.
    • If you want to sell the horse, please contact me. I will buy the horse back for half of it's original price.
    • These horses do not have a set price, offer what you believe them to be worth.
    • Most importantly, enjoy the horse. Please add your favorite horse color to your application.
    • NOTE: You may apply for as many horses as you wish, though you may only win one.
    Causeway has four stunning yearlings for sale, each with multiple pedigree points. All parents are still racing, so the bonuses will increase over time.


    The Yearlings


    Conspiracy Theory CW
    Cue's Information

    01/17 16.3hh bay (Ee Aa Ff) colt
    Geronimo (CAN) x QMR Legendary Fire, by BUS In Case of Fire.
    Receives +9 in Flat Racing, his half brother is a winner.

    Cue inherited his mother's gentle personality, and his sire's speed. Once this colt learns how to use his large frame, he will be very tough to beat. We recommend that his jockey not use a whip, as he can be a bit nervous, and he is very responsive to a rider's cues.
    X | X | X


    Obsidiana CW
    Ana's Information

    01/17 16.1hh dark bay (EE Aa) filly
    Code of Valor x Sapphire's Wish, by Midnight Lute.
    Receives +4 (almost 5) in Flat Racing, her half siblings have multiple points.

    Ana has shown nothing but promise, since she has entered her yearling training. It seems she has inherited her mother's tenacity, with her sire's willingness. We highly recommend using a shadow roll on Ana, as she can be a bit nervous.
    X | X | X


    Passionate CW
    Penny's Information

    01/17 16.1hh chestnut (ee AA Ff) filly
    Code of Valor x QMR Heaven's Passion, by QMR Cupid.
    Receives +6 in Flat Racing, she has a full sister who is just beginning her career.

    Since entering her yearling training, there has been nothing but praise for this filly. She has an even temperament, great work ethic, and unlimited potential. We recommend an experienced jockey for this filly, as she can be headstrong.
    X | X | X


    Steelsmith CW
    Axl's Information

    01/17 16.1hh bay-based gray (Ee Aa Gg) colt
    Steelworker's Song x Calla Lily, by Uncle Mo.
    Receives +3 in Flat Racing, his half siblings have earned multiple points.

    Axl had a bit of a rough start to life, being born dysmature. He quickly caught up to the other foals, and has no residual complications. Today, he is thriving in his yearling training, and he has become the favorite among the grooms, as he has a puppy-like personality. He has a sensitive mouth, so we highly advise against the use of strong bits on him.
    X | X | X


    This sale is now over. All winners have been PM'd!

  • PR Committee

    If only these guys weren't flat racing prospects! I would apply for them in a minute! I love their coats and conformations!

  • @Johanna-Masters Haha, thank you! You're allowed to switch their disciplines once they have a title. :D

  • Sale ends tomorrow at 12:00pm EST. Please get all apps in before then! :D

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