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    15th Jan 2019 Welcome to Montgomery Park! Click
    20th Jan 2019 Dressage at its finest Click
    21st Jan 2019 Silver beauty Click
    22nd Jan 2019 Newcomers! Click
    24th Jan 2019 Yet another star Click
    25th Jan 2019 Walk with me Click
    11th Feb 2019 Back to the basics Click
    16th Feb 2019 The team is growing! Click

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    Name Breed Gender Coat Discipline(s) Rider
    Born To Run MP Thoroughbred Stallion Black Eventing Judith Montgomery
    Lone Wolf MP Thoroughbred Stallion Bay Eventing Judith Montgomery
    In The Name Of Love MP Thoroughbred Mare Silver Show Jumping Roxanne Whitemorrey
    Lullaby MP Thoroughbred Mare Black Show Jumping Roxanne Whitemorrey
    Mechanical Heart MP Thoroughbred Stallion Flaxen Chestnut Dressage Angel Stone
    Vaedermakar MP Thoroughbred Stallion Grey Dressage Angel Stone
    Sovereing's Back In Black Thoroughbred Stallion Black Eventing Rebecca la Rue
    WGE Helianthus Dutch Warmblood Stallion Buckskin Tobiano Dressage Victoria Caulfield
    FWEC Persona Dutch Warmblood Mare Bay Eventing Rebecca la Rue
    SCE Hollywood Fame Dutch Warmblood Mare Chestnut Tobiano Dressage Victoria Caulfield
    Havel's California Moon Hanoverian Mare Bay Dressage Honor Montgomery
    Lexington's Armani Dutch Warmblood Stallion Black Dressage Honor Montgomery
    WPW Vragi Waler (Heavy) Stallion Seal Buckskin Tobiano Ridden Showing Samuel Wakefield

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    Name Discipline(s) Horse(s)
    Judith Montgomery Eventing, Dressage Born To Run MP ; Lone Wolf MP
    Roxanne Whitemorrey Show Jumping In The Name Of Love MP ; Lullaby MP
    Angel Stone Dressage, Pony Eventing Mechanical Heart MP ; Veadermaker MP
    Honor Montgomery Dressage, Eventing Havel's California Moon
    Rebecca la Rue Show Jumping, Eventing Sovereign's Back In Black; FWEC Persona
    Dolores Green Eventing, Show Jumping Lexington's Armani
    Victoria Caulfield Show Jumping, Dressage WGE Helianthus; SCE Hollywood Fame
    Samuel Wakefield not specified WPW Vragi

  • Welcome to Montgomery Park!

    An equestrian center owned by Montgomery family, training and competing Thoroughbred horses in Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping! Sometime in the future we would love to expand to Pony division and maybe even start breeding our horses and sell the offspring, to see the succeed in other equestrian facilities.

    Main post of the blog is still a work in progress, but I think I can officially open the blog to comments. I am back once again with a third and - hopefully! - last version of myself on Equus here. Please, welcome Judith Montgomery, a 21 year-old rider, competitor and daughter of the owners of Montgomery Park. She competes in Eventing and helps to train horses in Show Jumping and Dressage too. Her two main horses are Born To Run MP and Lone Wolf MP, both competing in Eventing. Here on the picture, featuring Lone Wolf MP and Judith during their Dressage training!

    apologies for the white glare, I didn't have it turned off at the time of taking pictures

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  • Dressage at its finest

    As the team of staff was deciding which disciplines we should focus on in Montgomery Park, the voices were very split. Everyone wanted to practice and compete in different sports, but everyone had a deep-hidden passion for Dressage. Both Eventing riders and Dressage riders were satisfied with the decision, to make the equestrian center a home for the "Holy Trio": Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing.

    Looking for a knowledgeable Dressage rider was a challenge, which we faced and concurred! Meet Angel Stone, a 25-year-old Dressage rider from Netherlands. She traveled half of the globe to get to Michigan, where Montgomery Park is located, but we could not be happier with the influence, adventures and - obviously - horses she brought with her.

    This beautiful grey stallion is called Vaedermakar MP, or Snowflake for short. He is a very talented 5-year-old Thoroughbred. He has a huge heart for Dressage, and after every single training you can see how much he enjoys being out in the arena and performing. "Vaedermakar" stands for a druid who can manipulate weather.

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  • That's a beautiful grey :) I also love his name, it is very special!

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld: Thank you! Everyone at the stables adore him, but there are never any volunteers to clean him :laughing:

    Silver beauty

    So far the only discipline that lacks riders in our equestrian center is Show Jumping. If you know any show jumpers, lead them our way! For now, Roxanne manages the two mares assigned to her, and she's bonding with them so well! Roxy is our youngest rider, as she is just under 20 years old. She is still in university, studying equine business and management, hoping that in the future she could co-own Montgomery Park and help manage the business and land. And horses, too!

    This silver beauty is called In The Name Of Love MP, or Nugget for short! She's a stunning mare, with a heart for jumping. She loves challenges and is not easily scared! She would make a perfect eventing horse, with her white flashing mane and tail... if only she had the patience for Dressage figures. She's a challenge herself, hard to contain on flat and on-going for the jumps.

    Here is a little shot of Nugget with Roxy on her back, and Judith watching over their cool-off routine. As you can see, she's still ready for more!

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  • What a lovely blog! :heart: Can't wait to see more and look forward to seeing what you can accomplish with Sunny! Bookmarking this one for sure :blush:

  • @Isabella-Khrazenzia: Thank you! :blush:


    I'm proud to introduce you to two of our newest "recruits": a Thoroughbred 16-year-old Eventer and Dutch Warmblood 3-and-a-half-year-old Dressage prospect. First of all, a huge shoutout and a thank you to their previous owners for these beautiful horses! @Gwen-Parker and @Isabella-Khrazenzia, thank you both! <3

    First one I want to show you is Sovereign's Back In Black. He is a 16 years old black Thoroughbred, competing in Eventing. He is a very experienced and talented horse, holding over 200 points on Eventing Leaderboard. He will be a perfect addition to our equestrian center, and we are hoping for him to become a teacher for our future riders.

    Second stallion is the one I'm most excited to see succeed under our colours. Meet WGE Helianthus, also known as Sunny. This beautiful buckskin tobiano horse comes from an amazing Dressage bloodline, and we have high hopes for him! Also, he is a very first non-Thoroughbred horse in Montgomery Park! In fact, he is a Dutch Warmblood Riding Horse.

    alt text

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  • Awe he looks so nice in your game :heart:

  • @Isabella-Khrazenzia: Thank you! I love him so so much <3

    Yet another star

    Meet Mechanical Heart MP, another Dressage Thoroughbred stallion. This flaxen chestnut beauty is surely loved by everyone, not only by his colour, but also by his character! He is an absolute sweetheart, loving cuddles and alone-time with his human. He also enjoys a company of other horses, and he made very good friends with Lone Wolf MP! He is ridden by Angel Stone on Dressage arenas, so keep your eyes open for this duo!

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  • Walk with me

    I believe these are the last horses I need to introduce you to. So, without further a do, welcome Born To Run MP and Lullaby MP! These two are always mistaken, but Lilly is the one with leg markings, so if you ever get confused on which one demands treats off you, don't feel bad! Even some of us make that mistake sometimes!

    Born To Run MP is a Thoroughbred stallion competing in Eventing. Currently, he is Judith's main horse, and so far this couple has done great in past couple of shows! Lullaby MP is also a Thoroughbred, with two differences to Runner - she is a mare, and she is a Show Jumper. Lilly trains and competes with Roxanne, who you have met previously.

    I will have to bring you a facility tour soon!

    alt text

  • ahhh Vaedermakar MP is just stunning!! :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Defo want a facility tour!

  • @Jade-Nguyen Thank you! He is one of our favourites :see_no_evil:
    @Lidija-Rotherford It's on its way! :blush:

    Back to the basics

    Hi everyone, so sorry for no update for such a long time! My January break in university is sadly over and I am back into a whirlpool of lectures, labs, tutorials, assignments and reports! So the updates here won't be regular as they used to last month, but don't worry, I still fire up my save file from time to time, take a huge bunch of photos and have loads saved for you to see :smile:

    So today please welcome back In The Name Of Love MP, our lovely silver Thoroughbred mare along with her rider, Roxanne. As you may or may not know, Nugget is a very outgoing mare, who loves to run and jump. She's a quick one! So this day, Roxy decided to take it a step back. Back to the basics! Most of their training was centered around keeping Nugget focused, balanced and under control. Personally, I think they did great! :see_no_evil:

    The facility tour is coming soon, I am just about done gathering all the photos of Montgomery Park!

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  • The team is growing!

    Recently we bought a couple of new horses to strengthen our team and add a little bit more variation to our estate. Today I am happy to introduce two out of five new horses!

    First one is this beautiful bay Hanoverian mare we won in a Foal Crop auction hosted by @Annalena-Voigt. Meet Havel's California Moon! She is the sweetest little thing we had laid our eyes on and I fell in love with her once I saw her on the site. Her movement and character is just screaming "Future Dressage star", and we knew we could not let this opportunity slide by us. So, here she is! Callie, as we call her, has been teamed up with Honor Montgomery, a cousin of Judith. They make such a beautiful duo!

    Second mare is a KWPN dressage prospect that we received from @Cassie-James during The Person Below Me game! Pleace, welcome SCE Hollywood Fame. She is a daughter of our WGE Helianthus and Cassie's SLS Hollywood Shuffle. Her movement is outstanding, and she is such a gentle "little" thing! Our youngest rider so far, Victoria Caulfield fell in love with Freya (that is how we call Hollywood Fame) straight away, and we decided to team them up together. Victoria is also a rider of Sunny, Freya's sire, so they will surely make an awesome combo on Dressage rings!

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  • Looking good! :D

  • Both look very promising :D

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