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  • Hello people. This post is about to put forward an extraordinary lack of effort and motivation from me but nonetheless, it still demonstrates that I don't neglect this blog by sharing with you some photos of what is going on in our stables. Applause :clap: Do me a favor, just focus on the main topic - I mean horses - and don't pay attention if anything is amiss (I didn't say a single word.


    Reins? Really botched blurr? :worried:). I could promise you to show you a proper edited picture shortly but I wouldn't. L'espoir fait vivre les amis.

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    In order of appearance: 1) Adaline Nash and Myesha GA, 2) Lux Winscott and Qaseem GA, 3) Madeleine Delabrière and FT Karimah, 4) Wendell Ingram and Shereef GA.

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    And to conclude this blameworthy update, this is an extra picture of the amazing Holmgard's Alath we purchased from @Jasmine-Wilkinson :heart_decoration:

  • I really enjoy looking at your pictures, all of them are having such a soft look to them :sob: It's so beautiful, and those horses are jesus :ok_hand: Definitely gonna stalk you from now on :popcorn:

  • Wow Lux! Your pictures look pretty even without the reins! :revolving_hearts::sob: And the horses look fine af too :100: FT Karimah was made by me (with my old account), I‘m glad to see that she found a lovely home & I‘m v glad that you show her in your blog too! :kissing_closed_eyes: Alath has an amazing marking, I would appreciate it to see it how it looks full body! :heart_eyes: And as Nicole said, I will also stalk you from now on!

  • What a pretty face Alath has :heart_eyes: Your Arabs are really lovely :heart:

  • all your horses are so perfect i just want to smooch them all :kissing_closed_eyes:
    and i’m soooo happy Alath has found a new loving home, he looks nice and settled with you already :heart:

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    Thank you for these kind words :heart_decoration: I am truly happy and quite greatly honored that you like my blog that much!

    Wow! Good to know that FT Karimah is from you :flushed: She is really exquisite, you’ve created her perfectly ; I love her. Thank you very much for you comment, that means a lot for me :tulip: Here’s a bonus studio picture of Alath...

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    (Yeah, he’s great and he knows it :balloon:)

    Awww thank you <3

    Alath is actually prized in our barn and constantly drawing attention to himself because of his particular appearance AND his temperament and calm attitude at work :sparkles: I am forever thankful for the trust you have shown in me and Gardenia Arabians :kissing_closed_eyes:

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    Léonie Chartier found her protégé. And we are glad for her.

    HIRTH Messias, was kindly offered by @Nicole-Loeffler. This outstanding Arabian stallion is intented to perform in Halter (because eh, just look at him :arrow_down:). It's spring and we thought that a good-looking bean and a bit of flowers would be pleasant.

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  • He is so so gorgeous! :heart_eyes: your worls is also to die for?
    how is it called?

  • hello, lux! commenting in a timely manner is not my jam, and this comment is very much a testament to that. oops.

    (four months, lux! i've postponed commenting for a third of a year!!)

    (i'm really awful, i know.)

    karimah and qaseem look lovely! i think the real showstopper this update has to be your lighting, though. the sunset gradient of grey-periwinkle to coral and the misty teal are both so pretty and i really envy your game. :leaves:

    eleonora!! puck did marvelous with her spotty marking. she looks like coco puffs in the snow like that and i love her :chocolate_bar: :sparkling_heart:

    this next update with the "botched" blur and lack of reins is really, really pretty. the diagonal cropping looks so neat and crisp and organized, and it really gives your blog character. not to mention the colors yet again. beautiful. :art: :sparkles: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    léonie!! she's adorable. please do tell more about her! messias is also so pretty—i expect no less from nicole! (also, i'd gush over your colors some more but i think i've run out of words to do that, honestly.)

    (seriously though, i'd love to hear more about léonie :kissing_smiling_eyes:)

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