[Wanted] Stable Maker

  • I've been teetering this idea for a while now and with the massive downsize I just did for Aehrenthal I decided it's time to make this request <3

    I am looking for someone who would finish this within a month(if that's even possible)

    You have 2 options both are linked the same way though :)

    25 stall barn(6x5 stalls), 12 of those stalls either separated into a shed row or within the same building but off to the side for a stallion area
    2 exterior wash stalls
    2 small fields on property(with or without a run in) for 2 horses that don't like being in a stall.
    Tack and feed room are a necessity please <3

    If there is space: a small arena on the property would be nice :slight_smile:

    This can either be decorated all out, or just an empty shell, prices will vary if it's a shell or if it's decorated.

    This may be cancelled if I get bored and decide to make it myself, but I have no mojo to build currently.

  • Is this something you want all on the same lot? Or do you want a few lots in one world?

  • @Roxie-Rowan everything in one lot if even possible.

  • alt text
    Would something like this work for the layout?

  • @Roxie-Rowan Ohmigosh yes! I would personally remove the private fields but it will work big time for me.

  • @Maritza-Aehrenthal That works! Let me know about any CC preferences you have, and I could send you this stable with some basic decor.

  • @Roxie-Rowan omg roxie I'm sorry I thought I replied back to you >_< i can handle the decorating myself if you don't have a problem with that :)

  • @Maritza-Aehrenthal That's not a problem! Just let me know where to send it.

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