Downsizing Champion Raffle [ENDED Jan 23rd]

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    So who noticed I've been inactive? Me neither.
    My long-term illness still has its claws on me, and I've decided to make my Sims more tolerable by downsizing my horses. This'll lead into a number of tough decisions as I still want to make room for the new generations but I'm still fond of all the old ones. We shall see how well this goes!
    I don't have the energy for hosting an auction or leaving sales ads open, so in order to keep it stress-free for myself I'm giving away horses with good pedigree bonuses, some are even registered, actively competing and have few championships to their name as well.
    There may be more horses to come once these guys have found a new home and I've decided which ones I can let go.
    If I have time and energy I will also be writing background stories for these horses. Most of them have an established history and have shown quite a character in-game. In the meantime, I'm happy to answer all your questions.


    • You know the drill. Don't alter until unrecognizable, don't destroy, don't claim as your own, yada yada.

    If you absolutely must have any of the horses presented here, you can offer to buy the horse. However if there has been some interest for the horse already, I may choose to host the raffle all the same to keep it fair.

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    mbs DIAMANTAZO # 26183

    PRE Andalusian Mare Dressage Local Champion +13
    Chestnut 11 y.o. Dressage: Third Level 5/10
    Diamantes de la Reina x Nebuchadnezzar x Dressage: 45 points
    alt text

    fixstern DREAMWEAVER # 2887

    International Sport Horse Mare Eventing Local Champion +4
    Black splashed white 10 y.o. Eventing: Intermediate 5/10
    Diamantes de la Reina x MBS Gülbahar x Eventing: 43 points
    alt text

    mbs CAPTAIN EUROPA # 32218

    International Sport Horse Stallion Show Jumping +7 Eventing +14
    Grey (black) 5 y.o. Show Jumping: Puddle 1/7 Eventing: Beginner 1/7
    MBS Carmina x MBS Equador x x x Show Jumping: 00 points Eventing: 1 point

    alt text
    alt text

    fixstern ZIGZAG

    Spanish Sport Horse Stallion Show Jumping +6 Show hunters +7 Dressage +7
    Grey (buckskin) 3 y.o.
    fixstern Golden Girl II x fixstern Valeriano x x x
    alt text

    fixstern LADIES MAN

    Spanish Sport Horse Stallion Eventing +9 Show hunters +7 Dressage +15
    Black 3 y.o.
    fixstern Golden Girl II x MBS Anatoile x

    alt text

  • The first raffle has ended! Thank you all for applying!

    The new owners were found using Thank you for providing my horses a new home. Please contact me about the files and the main site profiles so they can be sent to you.

    If you've changed your mind about claiming the horse, please let me know and the next person on the list will be offered the horse instead!

    fixstern Dreamweaver

    1. @Kali-Coleman
    2. @Richard-Sterling
    3. @Blake-Bellanaris
    4. @Aerys-Ell

    fixstern Ladie's Man

    1. @Levi-Rosenthal
    2. Kali Coleman
    3. @Hannah-Smiths
    4. Blake Bellanaris

    fixstern ZigZag

    1. @Blake-Bellanaris
    2. Kali Coleman

    MBS Captain Europa

    1. @Richard-Sterling
    2. Blake Bellanaris
    3. Kali Coleman

    MBS Diamantazo

    1. @Celia-Acosta
    2. @Valeriya-Repei
    3. @Cristyne-Westwood
    4. Richard Sterling
    5. Blake Bellanaris
    6. @Lindsey-Warren
    7. Kali Coleman

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