Silver Berry's BIY | Breeding Season | OPEN

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    SBS BIY Breeding Program 2017

    I've finally made up a sheet with a list of our top stallions for you to pick from to do a BIY breeding. I've come up with this idea as i have no time to make the breedings happen myself, so i hope this makes things easier.
    All rules are listed in the first page of the google sheet in its own tab, and available stallions are in the next.
    All stallions will have a number of slots, so once all those slots fill up the said stallion will not be available anymore.

    The BIY sheet can be found here!

    If you wish to apply for a breeding from one of these stallions, please send me a DM or a PM (although i reply faster by slack) and we can discuss further there :heart:

  • We are now back open with our BIY breeding season!


    We are now offering our mares for BIY breedings!
    All information can be looked at via the first tab in the google sheet.
    Mares will only be available for limited time, two slots per mare!

    More stallions have also been added.

    ~ Charlie

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