(ENDED ; SOLD VIA AUTOBUY) Tobiano KWPN Dressage Prospect

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    Unposed LH // Unposed RH

    WGE Helianthus is a nearly 4 year old Buckskin Tobiano stud from impeccable bloodlines. He brings a 15 point bonus to the dressage ring and has two actively competing parents. His Dam is our own DPS Hazlenut Latte who is nearing her International Title. His sire is still in the beginning of his competing life and will be bringing more bonus points as well. He is a 4th generation Dutch Warmblood and carries impressive lineages on his Dam's side. He also carries a 2 pt bonus in Eventing, giving him the possibility to branch into this showing career as well.
    Sunny comes with completely custom markings, hand drawn by myself. His coat and confirmation is completely unique. This stunning warmblood is smart and learns quickly and has taken to dressage wonderfully. He is registered with both the main site and his discipline and ready to start showing. If there are any shows during the time of this auction, he will be entered. With his beautiful and light gaits, he is sure to impress the judges and catch attention with his stunning colours.

    Starting bid is 20k.


    • The horse, coat, conformation or it's markings may not be re-distributed for mass download.
    • Activity is encouraged. Showing is a must(when RL allows, I understand people have lives). Blog updates is not a must but would be appreciated, I think he's far too pretty to keep hidden.
    • Equus auction rules apply & my standard rules apply.
    • If you wish to re-sell, I would like to be contacted first and will want to buy back.
    • Auto-buy is available if no bids have been made. Auto buy price is 35k.
    • Minimum bid increase is 1,000.

    Highest Bidder Price Ending Time
    NA NA January 24th, 9:00 PM MST

  • ** CAS Photos added :smile:

  • He is lovely! If I had the money I would definitely bid

  • Sold via Autobuy to @Judith-Montgomery !

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