[CLOSED] Gundrun's Poses

  • ♢ Application: ♢
    Kind of set: Set 4
    Name: Chelsea Noble
    Reference picture: x
    Comments: Either pic works for me (in the first, minus the third person on her knees). Ideally this is a M/F team with M on bottom. Don't mind the canter/any clipping, and do feel free to charge hazard pay. :smile:

  • ♢ Application: ♢
    Kind of set: Set 1 & Set 3
    Name: Rosa Kajo
    Reference picture:
    Set 1
    Set 3
    Set 1: only the horse pose please :slight_smile:

  • ♢ Application: ♢
    Kind of set: Set 3, Set 3, Set 3
    Name: Nora Pigott
    Reference picture: Here
    Comments: For the last one, please let me know if you can include the dog and if so how much. :)

  • ♢ Application: ♢
    Kind of set: set 3, set 3, set 1
    Name: Piper Chance
    Reference picture: x

  • The ABRC Service is open again!

  • ♢ Application ♢

    Kind of set: set 3, set 1, set 1 and set 3
    Name: Regina Walker
    Reference picture: set 3 and 1 - set 1 - set 3
    Comments: I am just thinking, okay? But I have asked for both set 3 and set 1, bc I would like for you to make the sim pose for both toddler- and child-sim. And then of course the pony/horse. I hope you can do that?
    The other "pose" is a riders pose for toddlers, I think. And I only "want" it with the kid. I don't need the horse's pose.
    And the last one is for a foal (a foal in sims) and an adult sim :D

  • Can I PM my request to you by chance?

  • Competition Committee

    ♢ Application: ♢
    Kind of set: Set 3, Set 3, set 1
    Name: Maize Winters
    Reference picture: Ref 1 Ref 2 ref 3
    Comments: For ref 3 I am just wanting a pose of the horse that you see the full body. Thank you!

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