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  • I've said this on Slack and I will say this again, she's absolutely gorgeous! Her coat is just amazing and to die for :heart_eyes:

  • @Thea-Radmer Thankyou <3 I think I like the second pic best as well. For this coat I used the colour picker tool in ps to help a lot at first, but the detail markings come from the Dimexa set, its truly wonderful and the NAK shaders are pretty awesome to use to :) She has a lot of layers of different shaders that make up her coat to, her white markings i made myself

    @Jill-Reyes Thankyou so much <3

    Both comments really made me smile a lot :) <3 <3

  • @Kira-Kita Oh well, i might try if i want to use the dimexa markings myself. GREAT job on the markings, i love them!

  • Thankyou <3 yeah that set is really awesome for fur and shading also :)
    p.s I'm actually quite new to making markings so really happy you like them :blush:

  • First Introduction

    Well it looks like Sally and Primrose are both moody mares in this photo and that they hate each other, but I can assure you that they are both fine now and eating together even! This was just at first and I had to take this pic XD
    alt text

    Just in case people wanted to know, luckily Prim just missed Sally's buck!

  • Lovely day for a trail ride!

    Sally is such a good girl, she really looks after me on trail rides and rarely is spooky, love her so much! It's soo hot but still had a nice time :)
    alt text

  • Sally is so beautiful! <3

  • @Marquis-Moulin said in Kira's Blog:

    Sally is so beautiful! <3

    Thanks! I really love her <3

  • Something new?

    Thought I would give western a try, Sally looks so good in western tack <3 p.s forgot to edit stirrup leathers in but I hate editing so cba XD
    alt text

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