A I M S I R ♣ E Q U E S T R I A N - 11/11 New Irish Draughts.

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    We've had this handsome chap in the field for some time now. He's recently turned three so we've bought him in to start working on him. :slight_smile: He will be Maia's ride for the next season so she's going to be helping be back him and get him riding away over the next few weeks. I'm excited to see how he goes as he has some brilliant lines!

    He will be competing in Eventing and Show Jumping to hopefully put that pedigree to use! (+24 Eventing. +9 Show Jumping, +2 Dressage.)

    Introducing AIM Turlough, 3 year old Irish Sports Horse Stallion by PCRA Chacconu out of CVS/OCN Silver Soul.

    alt text

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    Thought I'd add a bonus picture that I've just snapped of him having a dig around in the field. :heart:

    alt text

  • What a stunning horse! Love his unique markings!

  • He looks beautiful Toni!

  • Turlough is such a stunner! I've seen him on slack and I think I forgot to tell you what I think! He looks like a great showing horse with all his bonusses! Even though I know the update is from a while ago, Feena is looking great, it's a shame Maia is outgrowing her but I'm excited to see her with a new rider.

    Also, I'm so happy to be seeing you back around! :kissing_closed_eyes:

  • Oof, what a handsome boy! I'm always a sucker for a nice red Chestnut, especially when they have some white on them:heart:

  • It is troubling but absolutely beautiful its marking :heart_eyes:

  • Oh he's a horsey phantom of the opera :heart:

  • Awe! What a cute guy. :hugging: I love that one hind leg marking. :heart_eyes: You can never go wrong with a chestnut wearing big white markings. :two_hearts:
    Also, pose twins? Almost...

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    We've been looking for new blood to introduce to our Irish Draught project for a while now but we haven't had much luck. So, today we went to the Goresbridge Horse Sales and picked up three new youngsters! :slight_smile: It was very near four new youngsters however one appeared lame on the work up so we walked away. We'll be going back next week to have another look but I've been told I have to be on my best behaviour unless something very special pops up :(

    So, for now I'd like to introduce our three new Irish Draught youngsters. First up we have our rising 4 year old Stallion AIM Trevelyan - He'll be one of Maia's rides and we'll hopefully watch them both grow together in Dressage. :slight_smile:
    alt text

    Next up we have our 4 year old Mare, AIM Celtic Carillon aka Cari. She will be my new Dressage project. I wasn't planning on taking on a new ride but I couldn't resist when I saw her move. She's going to be special I think! :heart: Plus we will be retiring Dalwin next year so I'll have a slot for her to fit right in to! :grin:
    alt text

    Lastly, this is our 3 year old Mare AIM Lovely Inishowen aka Lola She'll be competing in Show Jumping with Riley. We still need to introduce all of our riders but I'm sure you'll see plenty of them once we have everyone in work :slight_smile: I'm not too sure on this mare but Riley was very persistent so I thought I'd give her the chance to shine with him. She's smaller than I'd like and very, very hot headed from what I've seen so far. I'm hoping it's just her being a baby and testing us but we'll see how she goes.
    alt text

    Tomorrow we are planning on starting these three and Turlough. Trevelyan and Cari are both backed already but they have been turned away so we will need to start with the basics once again. Lola hasn't long been in from the field so it's going to be very basic training with her but I'm leaving that with Riley.

    Turlough has made some really great progress and I'm hoping to get Maia on board tomorrow but we'll see what sort of mood he's in :P

  • Can't wait to see if Lola bucks someone off hahah

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    @Lidija-Rotherford haha! If she does I’ll be sending her to you for schooling and she can buck you off. :joy:

  • @Toni-Lamberti said in A I M S I R ♣ E Q U E S T R I A N - 11/11 New Irish Draughts.:

    @Lidija-Rotherford haha! If she does I’ll be sending her to you for schooling and she can buck you off. :joy:

    Oh dear xD

  • They all are so gorgeous! Good luck with training!

  • lovely group of Irish Draughts <3 coudnt even pick a Favorite, they are all Wonderful Types <3

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