[WANTED] Coat Request - RDR Hungarian Half Bred

  • So im looking for someone to recreate this horse's coat from the game Red Dead Redemption. I have fallen in love with this game and i would love someone to make me this coat.
    The description of this coat states that "The Hungarian Half-bred looks like a 'white' horse with a dark muzzle" , "If you look closer to the coloration you will see that it is in fact a 'flea bitten grey' due to the numerous amounts of colored specks covering its coat."

    Here are a few photos of the horse (sorry that the photos are bad quality, there aren't that many photos of the horse online)
    X X X

    Looking for a good quality coat maker!

    EDIT - I forgot to mention that the horse's coat will be used on a AQH, and will actively compete in its chosen western discipline (haven't decided as of yet)

  • i can make it for you if u want for 2,500 you can see some of horses i have made at peredashowstables.weebly.com

  • are you still looking? :slight_smile:
    I have an example of one fleabitten grey coat I made here:
    alt text

  • PR Committee

    If you're still looking I could take a crack at it, I think you've put in a request with me before, but if not I have a whole album with my previous work. http://imgur.com/a/Acgvr

  • Development Committee

    Maybe someone need it as a better reference (just made it ingame :D )

  • Still searching?

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