[Ends 03/25] "A Day in the Life" Challenge

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    What is life like in your stable? Organised, with everything going like clockwork to get the horses fed, turned out, and exercised? Or is it all a little chaotic to get the mucking out finished on time and yelling down the aisle looking for Dobbin's hoof pick that's gone walk about again? This is your chance to show us!

    The aim of this challenge is to convey the average day in your facilities from setting foot on the grounds in the morning to tucking all the pons in for the night and switching off the lights. You can go into as much depth as you like, covering as many people/horses as you like, or just keeping it small. Show us your cheeky ponies eating their blankets from the rail, that horse that spreads his feed all over the aisle, riders heading out for a gentle hack after schooling with the dogs getting under hoof!


    • One entry per registered stable.
    • Entries must include at least 2 pictures, and as much text as you like!
    • Editing is allowed, but won't influence judging.
    • Horses and humans are permitted regardless of registration.
    • Pictures and stories should be posted in this thread to be entered for judging.
    • Have fun!


    • 1st Place - Custom pose pack of 8 poses to be determined by the winner, plus a 5 custom face/leg marking pack donated by @Katherine-Star-Ackles
    • 2nd Place - Custom pose pack of 4 poses to be determined by the winner, plus a 3 custom face/leg marking pack donated by @Katherine-Star-Ackles
    • 3rd Place - Set of 4 simple custom markings or 2 full body markings, plus a 3 custom face marking pack donated by @Katherine-Star-Ackles

    Participation prize - Pose pack to be revealed

    (Anyone wanting to donate/sponsor would be welcomed with open arms!)

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  • Is this Challeng a thing or is it dead?

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