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    Equus Rulebook

    Table of contents

    1. Preface
    2. Rules
    3. Accounts and Usage
    4. General Rules
    5. Forum Content
    6. Slack Etiquette


    Equus is a unique gaming community that brings the equestrian way of life to The Sims 3. Through realistic competitions in various disciplines, interactive activities, and storytelling, we are able to live out our dreams as champions, instructors, judges, or even wealthy owners. Our members can breed, train, and compete with their horses and Sims, all while enjoying the option to play and interact with others who share the same passions.
    Participants must be thirteen (13) and older to join, as required by the ESRB rating for The Sims 3, which contains sexual themes, crude humor, and violence. Access to online content is unrated and may be questionable for those younger than thirteen.
    All players are expected to follow the rules mentioned here and at the forum. These rules are implemented for member privacy, safety, and comfort within the community. Failure to follow rules may result in a ban or deletion of your account without warning.



    • Each member may only have one main site account and one forum account.
    • Members may not utilize a second account in any way - this includes logging into a friend’s account.
    • You may not trade Equus money for non-Equus transactions (ie. items on other sim sites).
    • If you lose your password to the main site, please contact the a staff member from the Public Relations Committee for instructions on how to proceed.


    Members who do not comply to these rules may receive a warning, suspension, or ban at the discretion of the administrator.
    The key rule here is to treat others how you want to be treated, and we'll all get along just fine. Moreover, it is up to the administrator to issue bans or other disciplinary actions at any time for any reason. Members of all ages (13 and up at least!) and experience are welcome to join our community, so it is important that everybody is mindful of what (and how) they post by complying with the following rules:

    • When posting on Equus, please make sure you do so in English. If English isn't your first language and you find it easier to express yourself in a different language, you may do so - but please provide a translation into English as well in your post. Using Google Translate to do this is an acceptable compromise.
    • Harassment, abuse, and bullying other members is strictly prohibited, regardless of whether it's via PM or posted publicly. If you are feeling targeted and the bully persists even after attempts have been made to maturely address the situation or avoid the person altogether, please contact a member of the Moderation Committee and be prepared with concrete evidence (ie. screenshots of messages or posts) of the bullying happening on Equus and what you have done to try to remedy the situation.
    • Rude or incendiary posts posted with the intention to incite discord in the community are not tolerated. Posts and comments that meet this criteria will be deleted.
    • Racist or sexist comments are not allowed. Here at Equus, we respect all people regardless of religion, race or sexual preference.
    • Swearing is permitted in moderation as long as it isn't directed at someone.
    • If you disagree with the opinion of someone else, you are free to express that in a respectful way. Moderators will give warnings to members who resort to name calling or personally attacking other members.
    • Please avoid the following topics: suicide, animal/human abuse, rape, graphic images, murder/mutilation, mental health, or drug use.
    • Mini-modding is not tolerated. If you see that rules are being broken, please report it instead of trying to take it into your own hands.

    Consider This: The things you say and the way you convey yourself defines who you are on the internet, as well as how you represent our community. If you support the Equus community, please do not participate in malicious behavior.



    Signatures should not exceed 100px tall. You may not stack signatures on top of one another.

    • Do not hotlink images. If you're posting an image anywhere, please make sure it's uploaded to our forum directly, comes from your own photo account/server, or from a server you know doesn't have bandwidth limits, such as Tumblr.


    • Members who do not comply to these rules may lose their Slack privileges at the discretion of the administrator in addition to a possible warning, suspension, or ban.
    • Members' Equus slack name must match their forum & main site name.
    • Public spaces on Equus are rated PG and topics in any channels not marked Mature must abide by these. Remember that the minimum age to join ES is 13 and keep conversations on topics appropriate for a 13 year old.
    • Profanity is allowed in moderation, and as long as it isn’t directed at members. Excessive profanity is not allowed.
    • Piracy of any kind isn’t supported by Equus in our official slack. This includes file uploads, links, and advice/support in pirating material in any public channel.
    • Chat must be in English (or with an English translation) in all public channels except the specific channel for that language.
    • Spamming is not permitted on Equus slack - this is especially spamming a repeated message, but also includes drowning out other conversation by sending many messages unnecessarily. Spamming is considered as more than 4 photos within a single minute or other similar situations, at mod discretion.
    • The sharing of other members photos must be minimal, and always with credit given to the original photographer.
    • Promoting forum threads (for sales, scrapbooks, services, shows, etc) is not permitted outside of the #advertisements channel. The posting of links to help direct members to information or resources is permitted (e.g. Posting a link for a member who can't find it on their own) in other channels.
    • Advertisements and announcements must relate directly to Equus. Anything else may be removed or edited without warning if deemed to not comply with this rule. This includes chatter.
    • Any negative or passive aggressive commentary in which a member is targeted (either by name or obviously inferred) is against the rules of Equus and Equus slack. This includes any gossip, personal insults directed at members, or negative commentary about any posted content (pictures, CC) posted by any present or absent members.

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