[Wanted] Custom Barn Signs

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    I'm looking for someone willing to work with me to create some custom barn signs for my barns. My stable is in japan so I need signs and postage that is in Japanese and English. I intend to do all the translating so you don't need to know Japanese to be able to make the signs :smile: I got that covered. Translated List of Signs.


    Japanese signs tend to be a little cutesy. so creating them should be really fun. especially riding at your own risk signs and signs about not walking behind the horses. Mostly I need basic stuff like the stable sign, for which stable lot that the riders are currently visiting (for instance I have The Vanner Stables), and Signs like Barn I or Barn II, Tack Room, Please return all tack to it's proper place, Tea House (most likely will have specific names for the tea house), Mares, Stallions.

    I'm willing to pay for these in combinations of money, imports (of any breed, I will try my best), Basic Tobiano Custom Markings, Coats, and Edits. I am also willing to design them myself and have you turn them into workable custom content for the game.

    Just message me if you are interested and are willing to work with me! k :heartpulse:

    Edit: this is also a ezample of something I want in the barn.


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