[Ends 2/2] Uele Stud Zangersheide Raffle

  • So I crashed my car yesterday and have been dying for an excuse to keep myself preoccupied so here's a blind raffle.

    Please keep my suffix of U don't remove or add your prefix.
    Stallions can be gelded.
    Discipline is up to you.
    Please don't save this template as it is my personal one and am trusting the community with it <3
    You can enter for all the lots, two or just one.

    This is a blind raffle so horses won't be shown off until the end of the raffle. If interest is low then this raffle will end early.
    Due to my schedule the raffle may go on an extra day

    alt text
    Lot #1
    Uele Stud is proud to present, Mission U. She is a small black mare but has an attitude that will make you do a double take. She'll knock your dominate mare out of her spot in order to run the pecking order. She is a kicker and with such should keep that red ribbon on her tail in shows and while out on the trail.
    This mare is not boy friendly(to stallions and geldings), if you use to breed her probably best to use a frozen sample or get her use to the boy she'll be bred with.

    alt text
    Lot #2
    Uele Stud is proud to present, Opera U. He is a chunk chestnut stallion. His personality is basically a noisy boy, it could be 10pm in the dead of winter and you'll hear him scream from his stall if he runs out of hay or needs his blanket. He excels in Dressage and would make a great dressage horse for anyone, or you can take the extra mile and work him into your eventing team.

    alt text
    Lot #3
    Uele Stud is proud to present, Eerie U. She is a nice light fleabitten mare but also can be shy in new situations. She keeps to herself when it comes to the herd life and runs away from the dominate mare/gelding(depending on how your herd is). Her small stature would make her good in hunter/jumper. She loves attention and treats from her human, but forget about it with the other horses. It is best to probably trailer her alone so nobody messes with her.

    Entry Forum
    Lot You Want:

  • Entry Forum
    Name: Marc
    Stable: Galileo Stud
    Lot You Want: all 3

  • Name : Jennifer Winchester
    Stable : SpiritedRain Equestrian
    Lot You Want : 1 and 2

  • Entry Forum
    Name: Lexi House
    Stable: Avendale Park
    Lot You Want: 1,2,3

  • Name: Roxie Rowan
    Stable: Knotted Pine Canyon
    Lot You Want: All 3

  • No longer a blind raffle due to lack of interest.

  • Name: Nathalie jensen
    Stable: Nordic Horses
    Lot You Want: lot 3

  • Entry Forum
    Name: Juliet Foster
    Stable: Auxier Ecurie
    Lot You Want: Lot 1 and 2 <3

  • Closing in 8 hours(currently 12:12pm EST)

  • Competition Committee

    Name: Rena Cort
    Stable: Courtour Estate
    Lot: 1

  • Entry Forum
    Name: Emme Mai
    Stable: Willow Wood Equestrian
    Lot You Want: 1, 2 & 3

  • Closed I'll either draw tonight or tomorrow morning.

  • So after 20 runs...

    Mission U is going home with @Rena-Cort
    Opera U is going home with @Marc-Sanders
    Eerie U is going home with @Roxie-Rowan

    I'll shoot you a download link in the morning congrats.

  • Thank you so much!

  • I'm afraid I haven't gotten my mare yet...

  • @Roxie-Rowan work kept me slammed if they aren't to you by tomorrow night spam my inbox please

  • @Maritza-Aehrenthal Thank you very much!

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