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  • this entry sorta mesmerized me :astonished: the editing is so beautiful! (though the clean up seems like hell, that poor grey coat)

  • I loved your entry! Really breath taking <3

  • Competition Committee

    the cutest lil' prideapple :rainbow: :pineapple:

  • pineytitle
    〈 𝕡𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕝𝕖 〉

    So if you've been active on Slack you've definitely seen this little grey girl! Little Princess Pineapple needed a proper introduction to everyone since I haven't been the best at updating blogs :pineapple: She's based off my real life TB (more specifically off track) who dabbles in Jumping and dressage. On here she does Show Jumping and Show Hunters! She's a very special girl to me so I'm very much hoping she'll make some regular appearances in here... if I'm not lazy with pictures.

    Sorry for the late thank-yous but:
    @Alexander-Westerberg Thank you! That's exactly what I was aiming for :smile:
    @Marquis-Moulin Thank you! Surprisingly holi powder isn't too hard to clean off the greys, it's just like chalk that can brush off.. or you can leave it on for a colourful horse!
    @Kira-Kita Thank you so much :heartbeat:
    @Rena-Cort lil Piney appreciates the compliment :two_hearts: :horse:

  • I love her ! and you know it lol XD shes really a elegant pretty mare, irl and sims to <3 love the photo as it really captures that :blush:

  • wisdomtitle
    〈 𝕤𝕖𝕔𝕣𝕖𝕥 〉

    Little delayed on introducing this cutie but she's now getting a intro post of her own! Secret is a young and inquisitive Belgian Warmblood who is still enjoying the fun life of being a youngster. She's been lightly started in training and is a proper young lady with great manners! We're already seeing so much natural talent in this little girl!

  • She looks like a cute flamingo! <3

  • 1
    a crisp and foggy morning training session

    featuring boru, alex, rosalie, rose, chase

  • Beautiful photography style! I really like the horse :heart:

  • Is that Rosie again? :D

  • Four and Over Mare Division
    Movement Class
    alt text

    Four and Over Stallion Division
    Free Jumping Class
    alt text

    Pineapple(top) and Quint(bottom) put on their fancy pants to display their talents in the 2019 Christmas Special Halter Show.

  • I absolutely loved these photos when I saw them, theres something really special about your game <3

  • cherish the peaceful moments you have

    .. horse trainers are a bit under appreciated, don't you think? These are the people who you trust your horse, time, money, and most importantly, life with. These people are out from break of dawn on cold winter mornings, to the hot summer nights where the crickets sing their tunes. Trainers deal with all kinds of battering around from the horses, whether it be a fresh Thoroughbred to a never ridden before yearling, they endure some of the worst of the worst horses, and occasionally these trainers can be the last resort for these owners and horses.
    .. Those trainers will put all of their expertise and experience to help the troubled souls— horse or person— to see two results: Progress and happiness. Sure they may do this for the money, but the best success a trainer can see in one of their horses or students is to see them happy and enjoying themselves in what they do. To see a smile on a students face after an amazing jump show can mean the world for them. To see a once troubled horse who couldn't go to a 2 foot fence go and to the 2'6" with its rider?
    Truly amazing.

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