[ENDED] Gardenia's Opening Auction

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    In order to kick-start Gardenia Arabians, we are pleased to propose you three of our horses in auction. We sincerely hope you’ll find your heart’s desire in this selection :blossom:

    • All horses are foundation and registered.
    • Do not change name or suffix. Only barn name may be change.
    • Do not alter the horses. You are allowed to tweak the shine markings and shadings to fit your coat HD mod but not change the entire coat.
    • Activity is pretty expected. I don’t require you to inform me before breeding or selling. If you can’t keep the horse anymore, contact me first before selling.
    • All horses will be sent as .sim files via MEGA to the new owners at the end of the auction.
    • Please respect my work and do not put up for download or use coats/markings/conformation for other horses.
    • Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

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    ID 34728

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    Bay Arabian Mare registered in Halter and Eventing (0 points)
    Comes with custom markings
    SB $5,000

    ID 34685

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    Flaxen Chestnut Arabian Stallion registered in Reining and Cutting (7 points)
    Comes with custom markings
    SB $8,000 Sold to @Richard-Sterling via autobuy

    ID 34730

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    Grey Arabian Stallion registered in Endurance and Ridden Showing (0 points)
    SB $3,000 Sold to @Jasmine-Wilkinson via autobuy

    It is possible to request an autobuy if you really want one of the horses.
    Horse Highest Bidder Price
    Talilah GA @Breanna-Fahnestock $25,000
    Layl GA @Richard-Sterling $8,000 (autobuy)
    Jawhar GA ~ $20,000 (autobuy)

  • Competition Committee

    SB Talilah GA 👀

  • Layl GA - SB

  • Talilah 6k! :eyeglasses:

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock
    They are not registered as any strain :upside_down:

  • Talilah GA - 8k

  • Talilah GA - 10k

  • AUCTION WILL END 02/09, 2PM UTC+1 TIME ZONE :alarm_clock:

  • Congratulations @Breanna-Fahnestock, you have won the auction for Talilah GA! About Layl GA and Jawhar GA, they have been sold to @Richard-Sterling and @Jasmine-Wilkinson via autobuy.

    Thank you all! :smiley:

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