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    We only have a few requirements before we get down to bidding. These are simple and should be pretty much common sense.

    ○ Allowances: Mane and tail style changes, detail markings adjusted/added/removed, minor tweaks allowed to his confo for pose purposes only. You may have private face (A simple star or simple blaze nothing to bold) and leg marking added should you not wish to use public markings and clutter up your games. You may provide parents for the horse, however the only case with is is Varieur's must remain his prefix. His barn name may be changed.

    ○ Prohibited: You may not upload the horse to any public domain for download, you may not register the horse under your Creators ID, mine should be used (ID:9822), you may not use his coat on any other horse, you may not use his template for other horses or alter to use for other horses.

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    Starting Bid: 2,000

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    Starting Bid: 2,000
    Min Bid: 1,000 For Both

  • 3k on OL VILANO

  • All Bids Accepted

  • 4k on the mare

  • 6k on OL Carinosa II

  • 7k on Carinosa

  • 8k on OL Carinosa II

  • 9k on Carinosa

  • 10k on OL Carinosa II

  • 12k on Carinosa

  • All Accepted.
    This will end Tomorrow Evening at 8PM Chicago time

  • 15k OL Carinosa II & OL Vilano sold to @Breanna-Fahnestock

    PM me your email address please

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