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    The Sims United Hunter Jumper Association strives in bringing Show Hunters, Show Jumpers and Equitation members together. We work to promote Stallions, Mares, and Stables. Whether your stallion is up for stud, your mare just earned her last, first, or any title in between, or your stables have horses for sale, SUHJA will help promote you and your horses.

    We proudly accept anyone whose horses, ponies, or stable focuses on competing under any of the 3 disciplines listed.

    Check out our Member section, and our channel on Slack! @suhjassociation

    No events currently hosted.
    Want to host an event, provide prizes, give an idea for an event? DM Kayla Greyson on either Equus or Slack!

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    Kayla Greyson Owner/Manager
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    Want to fill a position? DM Kayla Greyson on Equus or Slack!

    Always accepting!

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    The SUHJA studbook allows stallions and mares of all breeds(both horses and ponies) to be publicly listed for breeding. Please only list your horses here if you are interested in receiving requests to breed with them.

    Studbook Sign Up Form
    Studbook Directory
    Studbook Change Form

    When setting prices for your horses, use the 'Base Stud/Brood Fee' as your horses' BIY price. If you wish to offer Traditional Breedings as well, be sure to include any price difference on the form. You may offer only BIY, only Traditional, or both.
    Participation in the studbook is completely optional. Horses do not have to be listed in the studbook to enter any events SUHJA holds. Horses may be removed from the studbook at any point.

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    Check here every once in a while for any CC that might be added. Some may be public and some may be exclusive. Exclusive CC will be sent to active members.

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