{Wanted} Dressage thoroughbred stallion for BIY

  • Hello! It's that time of year again. :)

    I've recently retired one of my top horses, BUS Dibella, and I would love for her to have her last foal. She has over 150pts and has had success at Grand Prix level.

    Ideally, I'd like a refined Thoroughbred stallion with 100+ points in dressage, although if has fewer points but gets a pedigree bonus, I won't refuse! Whether dressage is a primary or secondary discipline does not matter, nor does the level. Breeding would be a BIY, and the foal would get every opportunity to succeed in the show ring.

    Sound like your stallion? Please leave a message below, or even PM me here or on Slack.

    Thanks for looking! :heart:

  • I have a young stud specifically bred for breeding, RFE Rioghnan :)

    He's young so not that much pointed (only 48pts + 44pts in jumping) at the moment, but he's actively competing, but has a good pedigree.

  • Development Committee

    I have this one : http://exqequestriancenter.weebly.com/exq-whisky-mist.html

    I just checked on the dressage leader board which says he has in fact earned 207 points so he gives +5 pedigree bonus points.

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