[FOUND] Dutch Warmblood mare!

  • Hi! I am looking for a mare to use as a dam for the horse, here's what I'm looking for:

    • mare
    • Dutch Warmblood
    • Eventing
    • 2nd, 3rd or higher gen.
    • at least 100pts in Eventing (or less depending on the horse and whether it's active)
    • must be BAY!

  • someone something?

  • I have plenty of warmblood eventing mares, but none that match all the criteria :/

  • Me too. Does it need to be a KWPN or is a permitted outcross also acceptable? Also a mare who isn‘t bay, but could produce a bay foal?

  • Okay, so yeah, I know it might be tough to find such mare. As the foal is a KWPN and the sire is a Hanoverian, I need the dam to be KWPN. If it comes to color, the sire is black. As long as the mare can produce a bay it's okay!

  • Competition Committee

    I have two that fit the criteria, but up to you :)

    VPE Couronne 3rd gen, currently has 113 of her own points, receives +25 bonus

    VPE Fetrenne 3rd gen, currently has 101 of her own points, receives +18 bonus

    Both are still actively competing in eventing.

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