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    Presidential Stables is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Presidential's breeding program is centered around the KWPN (Dutch Warmblood) which we breed and train for dressage, show-jump and eventing. Besides breeding for our own, we also accept breeding requests from time to time. With a big range of available horses, everyone finds a perfect match. For more information about us, our breeding program or our horses, feel free to pm me, visit our website or send us a e-mail.

    My name is Jasmin Mikaelson and I am the owner of Presidential Stables. My first competition here on ES was the Emmerlands Classical Dressage show hosted by the Equus-Sims Dressage Federation, and I came in an amazing 1st place with DPS On High Heels and 3r place with Eretria's Sandro Hitt!

    A Happy Horse Is a Happy Rider

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    Name Breed Gender Discipline Title
    Duval's Avicii Dutch Warmblood Stallion Dressage International Champion
    DPS On High Heels Dutch Warmblood Mare Dressage National Champion
    VS/WSE Greyhound Hanoverian Stallion Show-Jumping International Champion
    RDEC Helladora Dutch Warmblood Mare Show-Jumping International Champion
    Jasney du Tussock Selle Français Stallion Eventing International Champion
    DWS Sisterent Dutch Warmblood Mare Eventing International Champion
    Name Breed Gender Discipline Title
    Duval's Aston Martin Dutch Warmblood Stallion Dressage State Champion
    CL Freesia Swedish Warmblood Mare Dressage Regional Champion
    York's Vinyl Dutch Warmblood Stallion Show-Jumping Regional Champio
    UD Zersei Dutch Warmblood Mare Show-Jumping Regional Champion
    Eretria's Nostalgie Dutch Warmblood Stallion Eventing Regional Champion
    Wintermärchen v.G.Königsberg Westphalian Mare Eventing Regional Champion
    Name Breed Gender Discipline Started
    Duval's Indian Rock Dutch Warmblood Stallion Dressage Jan 2017
    Duval's Glasgow Dutch Warmblood Stallion Dressage Jan 2017
    Duval's Chablis Dutch Warmblood Stallion Dressage Jan 2017
    Name Breed Gender Discipline Title Retired
    - - - - - -
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    Title Date
    Introducing Duval's Glasgow 01-09-2017
    Introducing Duval's Chablis 01-09-2017
    Ardorwen Challenge RDEC Totilan 01-17-2017

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    Meet one of our new stallions for 2017! Glasgow is one of our 3 new dressage stallions who are starting competitions in january. With parents as Ipsos d'Auroy and CL Freesia (s. CL Amiral) we can guaranty he has a bright future ahead. Thank you Johanna Masters for helping with his gorgeous coat <3 Expect pictures from the other 2 boys in the next couple of days :blush:

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    Meet the second one from our new stallions for 2017! Glasgow is also a dressage stallions who is starting competitions this month.
    With parents as Le Bestseller HA (v. Dimanche du Tussock) and MSE Heartstring Marionette (Thanks Alastair for letting me use your mare) we can't wait to see him preform in dressage shows! Thank you Katherine Star Ackles for helping me with his pretty coat

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  • PR Committee

    I love seeing all this new attention Glasgow is getting, but Chablis is a real stunner! That coat is perfection! The subtle dapples are perfect. :heart:

  • @Johanna-Masters Thank you Johanna :blush:

  • They are amazing Jasmin! I can't wait to see more of your stunning and amazing horses! :heart_eyes:

  • Oh my, I think I drooled a little when I saw those horses. They're stunning! I look forward to seeing more horses/pictures from you.
    I really like your editing style as well! :)

  • @Serena-Bass @Jasmine-Wilkinson Thanks girls <3 Very sweet! I'm very proud of these 2, the other one i will show soon ^^

  • Wow, both are pretty but Glasgow!! :heart_eyes: Too bad he's a dressage horse, otherwise I would've asked to buy him ;) That shoulder/neck area is just gahhh :drooling_face:

  • @Mandy-McAvoy Aw thank you! <3 Well maybe we can arange something, like a jumping pon maybe :smirk:

  • DUVAL'S CHABLIS <3 HOW!? and where can I get one!? OMG How stunning! rolls around

  • @Erin-Cooke Haha thank you Erin <3

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    I have been wanting to make a dressage competition entry for Toto for such a long time, and now i finaly got the chance!
    I adore him so much, maybe to much :blush: I have a weak spot for blacks... :see_no_evil:

    0_1484742598926_Ardorwen Dressage Challenge Totilan - kopie.png

  • I've found another horse of your's to stalk now! He looks beautiful. :o

  • PR Committee

    Haha, you have your own sim Totilas? He's lovely, his legs look so long! :blush:

  • @Frida-Radtke Haha <3

  • @Callixta-Rosella Thank you <3 Haha no he is actually a son of Totilas from @Carmen-Raymond. This boy is called Totilan :blush:

  • No chance to compete with him !! in the dressage challenge ^^"

  • Beautiful horse and entry Jasmin! :D

  • @Nina-Ricchi Aw thank you, but you make lovely pictures too!
    @Lidija-Rotherford Thankies <3

    Ps: I added shadow xD Tottaly forgot that :see_no_evil: Thanks @Renee-Mudde :heart_exclamation:

  • @Jasmin-Mikaelson said in Presidential Stables ✥ Ardorwen Challenge:

    Aw thank you, but you make lovely pictures too!

    ohh noo sadly Not as beautiful and pure as yours ..

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