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  • Ahlmann Farm reopened these doors early January 2019 after renovations.
    It is in the south east of France that I have facilities, not far from the capital of the Rhone near Lyon and more exactly in the Lyonnaise countryside.
    At the moment only two horses are present. Kuechua and the new bwp mare of my friend Owen.
    The snow is usually shy, but this year it is present.

  • 12/02/19 - DAY 1 -

    Beautiful morning day in winter...

  • Day 1 : Just a basic day in the farm

    Chalou always so welcoming ^^"

    Morning training with Kuechhua in warm up

    My beautiful mare Chalou after training...it may be you that she saw :)


    Me & Kuechua Level 2
    0_1550079858921_THUNDRA GP I.png

    Me with Chalou in Level 1
    0_1550081535152_THUNDRA PLATEAU GP I.png


    Owen Kallstrom with Colorit in Level 1
    0_1550084561717_THUNDRA PLATEAU GP I.png

  • why I have no comments, my book and so bad that? :'(

  • @Luke-Alhmann don't get discouraged by not receiving any comments every now and then. ;) I also don't get comments under every post. I think sometimes people just don't know what to comment but rather enjoy looking at the pictures :blush:

  • As Claire already said - Don't be too sad if you don't get any comments or not as many as you like to see. Just enjoy what you're doing and keep on going from there. Sometimes you'll get comments, sometimes you don't but as long as you enjoy your horses, your new facility and like to take pictures of your good looking horses, that's all that matters.
    Personally everything I do here is purely for my own enjoyment. I don't want to please anyone but myself and if it happens that some other people like what I do, that's a nice little side effect but clearly nothing I focusing on when taking and/or editing pictures. That's just for my personal joy. So the best advice - Keep taking pictures, if you feel like editing do it and simply enjoy your game. Others will notice it when you love what you're doing and will eventually comment or tell you in many other ways that they like your work.

  • @Claire-von-Hohenfeld ; thank you for the support
    @Aliisa-Pohl : thank you really thank you

  • I also don't always get comments, but like Aliisa said, I enjoy posting pictures just for me. :) Regardless, your horses look great and I wish you good luck in the show!

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