[OPEN] Yesterday‘s Dream Ranch Breeding (Traditional and BIY)

  • Yesterday‘s Dream Ranch focuses on breeding quality American Indian Horses.

    Traditional Breeding Rules:

    • Breeding between two of my horses is avaible.
    • If you use one of your horses, I would prefer to get their files.
    • Foals will be carrying my Suffix. You can‘t add any other Suffixes or Perfixes. Don‘t change the show name.
    • Don‘t change the confirmation or coat. Adjusting shines is allowed.
    • Don‘t put the foal it’s markings, confo or coat up for mass download.
    • Foals need to be registred within one RL month. You need to use my ID as creator ID.
    • I charge a additional amount for the traditional Breeding depending on how many and how complex the custom markings are. The range is between 5k and 10k, which come on top of the Breeding fees.

    BIY Rules:

    • You will breed the foal between one of ouers and one of your horses.
    • Foals won‘t carry my suffix.
    • You need to create the foals profile and register it in one RL month.
    • I won‘t be sending out my horses files.
    • No twins!
    • Once the foal is created please sent me a picture.

    Everyone who is new to Western only needs to pay the half price!

  • alt text

    TX’s Smokin Dream - Dunalino Splash AQH
    Reining: 205 pts - Cutting: 160 pts - Western Trail: 0 pts
    Reining: +11 - Cutting +8 - Western Trail +0

    Beyond the Dark Side Y - Silver Amber Champagne Tobiano AIH
    Reining: 113 pts - Cutting: 36 pts
    Reining: +7 - Cutting: +2

    EIS Bottlecap N Two Socks - Black Snowcap Appaloosa
    Cutting: 100 pts - Reining: 84 pts
    Cutting: +3 - Reining: +2

    RWH Dimond Gets The Ladies - Red Dun Overo AIH
    Reining: 127 pts - Cutting: 36 pts
    Reining: TBD - Cutting: TBD

    Hunting's Colonels Shining Gun - Chestnut Splash APH
    Reining: 135 pts - Cutting: 57 pts
    Reining: +11 - Cutting: +6

    Flycatcher Y - Bay Spotted Blanket AIH
    Eventing: 133 pts
    Eventing: +10

    alt text

    Mosaic of Nature Y - Gold Champagne Splash Chimera AIH
    Reining: 81 pts - Cutting: 36 pts
    Reining: +11 - Cutting: +7

    Drunken Cupid Y - Bay Spotted Blanket AIH
    Reining: 105 pts - Cutting: 29 pts
    Reining: +9 - Cutting: +1

    Blue Shinning Wolf Y
    Reining: 111 pts - Cutting: 99 pts
    Reining: +6 - Cutting: +6

    EER In My Spare Time - Bay Overo APH
    Reining: 183 pts - Cutting: 183 pts
    Reining: +4 - Cutting: +4

    I charge 2k per bonus point. So just take the bonus points twice and you have your breeding fee. Each horse is only avaible once. The Bonus points listed are the ones the foal really recieves, so only from themselves and from the parents.

  • This is now open. Everyone interested just write me a message on slack or here on the forum.

  • New AIH mare, who now belongs to @Veola-Loveless

    Zip‘s Smart Delphi Y

    Drunken Cupid Y x BPH Justa Smarty Zip
    alt text

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