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    • Please do not severely edit the conformation of the horse. You may, however, make minor tweaks for posing purposes or things such as conditioning and pregnancy.
    • Base coat color and markings cannot be changed. Replacement markings may be used, shine/shade can be added/subtracted. All I ask is that you do not alter the horse so much so that it is unrecognizable (for example, if the horse has a blaze, you can change the blaze, but please do not remove it).
    • I will not be hunting for markings for you, sorry (unless custom markings).
    • Do not remove my prefix.
    • Payment must be received before any files are transferred.
    • Please keep this horse active and showing.
    • Please notify me if you intend to sell the horse so I can keep track of it.
    • I will reclaim after one Equus year (4 months) of inactivity.


    EWE Repentance Moon

    #23681, 3rd Generation, 01/16
    SG Infernal Devices x EWE Into Infinity

    CAS: X | X | X
    Extra Images: X

    Moon is a gorgeous chunky monkey of a warmblood. He was recently reclaimed after not being active for a while, so while he is already 6 years old, he only has 22 points in Show Jumping and 39 points in Show Hunting (Local Champion). He is very calm and gentle, making him a good "husband horse". Moon needs someone who will love him and take him up to his full potential. He receives +7 in Show Jumping and +4 in Show Hunting via pedigree bonuses.


    EWE Completionist

    Unregistered, 4th generation, 02/17
    DVEC Vuelt x EWE Nocturne

    CAS: X | X | X
    Extra Images: X | X

    Completionist is an extremely impressive colt. He comes from a line of champions, excelling in both eventing and show jumping. He receives +12 in Show Jumping and +6 in Eventing, and both parents are still competing. He has a temperament to match his striking coat, and needs a strong handler because he will* push you around if you aren't careful. Completionist comes with custom white markings.


    EWE Divine Direction

    Unregistered, 4th Generation, 02/17
    WD Outta My Sky x Extalia VDH

    "Divi" has all the get up and go of a future eventer or show jumper, but with a calm disposition and nonchalant attitude. She is extremely chill about life and is quite curious and brave, which will aid her in her future career. Divi receives +8 in Show Jumping and +5 in Eventing and comes with custom markings.

    CAS: X | X | X
    Extra Images: X | X



    The starting bid for each horse is $5,000.
    Min increase: $1,000.
    Auto buy is available.

    High bids

    EWE Repentance Moon: SB (Borja Domecq)
    EWE Completionist: Sold via autobuy
    EWE Divine Direction: SB (Borja Domecq)

  • EWE Completionist and EWE Divine Direction SB$ :heart:

  • Competition Committee

    EWE Completionist was sold via Autobuy

  • EWE Repentance Moon SB$

  • Competition Committee

    This will end at 23:59.59 EST

  • Competition Committee

    This auction is completed. Please send your email and the payment and I'll have the files to you this afternoon :)

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