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  • I apologize for the lack of organization :-/
    Also, for the boring backdrops in the following photos, lol - I really wanted to get my facilities finished and have everything done before I posted here for the first time, but man, I was starting to feel like I was so inactive around here! I wanna show off my ponies!

    So today I just have some introduction photos

    alt text
    Path's Sinking Ship - an Azteca stallion (50% APH, 50% PRE)

    alt text
    GR's Keep Blushing Susannah

    alt text
    CSR Shiny New Kicks, the newest addition

    alt text
    Hollow's Dead Ringer, our first Missouri Fox Trotter

    alt text
    CSR Smokin Amarillo

    alt text
    AAS Forgot The General Lee

    Okay,guys, welcome to the scrapbook and thanks for looking :)

  • Such beautiful stocks! Great to see more around :smile:

  • your facilities look like they will be amazing once finished, and you make a good looking horse :) I love the conformations and coats.

  • @Sato-Akebe oh, thank you! I wish I could take credit for making the coats or conformations on these guys, but they've all been purchased from other members :P So many talented people, lol. I'll have pictures of my horses up soon though! and I'm just starting to learn to make markings, which I'm also pretty excited about

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