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    BIY Rules
    • You may use your own prefix/suffix.
    • I may be interested in buying foals if sold.
    • I will not be sending out files of my own horses.
    • I would love to see these guys active, at the very least in R shows.
    • Please PM me here or on slack if you have any questions.


    WGE Dröhnen

    Dutch Warmblood | Ee Aa | Dressage (+14) | Combined Driving (+0) | Fee: $14,000
    PCRA Moonshadow x DPS Hazelnut Latte

    Dröhnen, or, D, as we know him around the barn, is one of the sweetest stallions our stables has ever come into contact with. He's just a cuddle bug who loves scratches, kisses and taking naps while being tacked.

    1/2 Slots Available

    Courtour's Messick


    Dutch Warmblood | EE Aa nT nSty | Show Hunters (+4) | Equitation (+5) | Fee: $9,000
    Foundation x Foundation

    For those of you that follow my blog you already know this horse is, well... a trainwreck to put it lightly. He is no doubt the sassiest boy in the barn who doesn't take no, or half efforts for an answer. He's always ready to show off and adores being in the spotlight.

    0/2 Slots Available

    SiLS Eye of the Hurricane

    alt text

    Drum Horse | Ee Aa nW | Dressage (+9) | Draft Horse Showing (+3) | Fee: $12,000
    WBS The Calm Before the Storm x TLM Southern Belle

    Hurk is the definition of a gentle giant. He loves to work and will at least try anything that is asked of him. He's proved drafts can do dressage as he is nearing his state title. His favourite activities other than working are after ride hoses and long naps in the sun.

    1/2 Slots Available

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