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  • Thought I'd introduce a horse that I got from @Dimitri-Dane

    Don't think it's fair to show her off until I come back from hiatus.

    Meet WRNGS Surefire Cross. A Palomino Roan Thoroughbred with some white spotting. I think my life is complete now. Will pop into my game now and then to get mandatory updates on some horses and I'm fine with that. She'll be one that I will get an update on.

    alt text

  • NOTICE: My stable is still on Hiatus, I am only in game to take images for updates though I have a small stable built in case I get bored.

    WRNGS Surefire Cross, such a lovely mare and very orange(lol) still love her no matter what.
    alt text

    WYEC Autumn Love, a cute little Selle Francias mare. She's a midget compared to Cross.
    alt text

  • I love their coats soo much, beautiful horses :purple_heart:

  • @Maria-Makovetskaya thank you. I love all my pixel ponies and feel amazing having 2 new ones join my stable.

  • I love checking out your blog! You have so many amazing horses! <3

  • @Cheyenne-Cavender thanks. I feel like I can never downsize since I love all my babies but I always try :slight_smile:

    alt text alt text alt text
    Tintic U Eden U Taeko U
    alt text alt text alt text
    WSP Lane Boy WYEC Autumn Love Brewed Attitude U
    alt text alt text alt text
    WRNGS Surefire Cross Chapter 12 U ErstwhileU
    alt text alt text alt text
    RNS 2lil2late --- ---

  • @Emilia-Fox opened an import thread and I knew already 'I didn't need another horse... BUT IT'S EMILIA!'

    Hands down I am not disappointed and I love her to death. I think her name fits her perfectly with her sassy nature.

    alt text

  • She‘s lovely! ❤️

  • Hi everyone! Decided to do a RL update of Johnny.

    He got his feet done few weeks ago, his back already has a chip in it, we are seriously considering getting him front shoes but he might be the special kind of TB that can be barefoot(we think in the back of our heads he will manage to kill himself somehow with his shoes)

    We also tried the Defy the Fly boots on him, works great! Sadly one broke so he has been stomping like crazy with that one back hoof... Anyways enjoy some pictures and you may see him with a collar on in the up coming photos(in the coming weeks) we are gonna be trying out the Defy the fly collar which will help keep the flies off his face.

    alt text

    alt text

    I also got poison ivy on Monday cause I had to find my phone that I dropped in his field.... thanks dude.

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