Computer troubles - leasers wanted

  • My old faithful laptop has finally given up and as such I no longer have a computer, and no longer have a game. I don't know when I'll get another, or if I'll get another as it's an expense I don't want to have at this moment. As such I'm looking to loan out all my horses if anyone is interested in keeping them active for me while I can't.

    I can pay you in return, but can't offer breedings, markings etc as I obviously lack a computer to do so. You may not breed the horse or change any of its information, just please keep it active in shows and love it.

    I don't know how long the lease will last, but I am contactable through slack, and if I do decide to not return then the leaser will have first offer on the horse if the breeder doesn't want it/is equus dead.

    If you can't stomach the idea of a horse you've made me missing a few shows or not having pictures taken for a while then please feel free to offer to buy the horse back.

    Files can be sent along with the horse if you want to take pictures of it and are generally a trustworthy person.

    I can't access my sheets so can't find out bonuses

    All horses are now loaned - thank you!

  • If you have any western horses, I will be happy to add them to my program.

  • Pretty much all eventing unfortunately :laughing: I'm not very adventurous

  • I could take some eventers!

  • I will glady lease some!

  • I wrote you a DM! :blush:

  • I could also take a few if you need some more leasers :D

  • Thanks so much to everyone who offered to help - I am so humbled and appreciate it so much!

    I managed to get a new laptop, but completely underestimated just how much CC I need, and just how much I've actually lost. I've lost over half of my horses files, and the ones I do have are backups from mid 2018 and only three of them have their markings. I no longer have any of my lots other than one, and don't have any of my own CC other than what I've shared publicly... so things are a bit all over the place right now.

    I have a lot of work left to do so if my lovely leasers could continue entering my horses in shows here and there I would much appreciate it. It's going to take me a while yet to get a world, lots built, markings remade.. but on the upside I have a game that runs so it's not all doom and gloom :p

  • It's me again :wave_tone1:

    It's quicker for me to update here than to message you all. @Ariadne-Waters , @Alexa-la-Coupe , @Rachel-Deacon , @Nicole-Loeffler , @Rena-Cort , @Constantine-Vale , @Chelsea-Montgomery (I hope that's you all)

    I've finally got my game in working order and am almost finished reviving my old lot (thank you everyone for putting up with my constant WCIF? on slack!) so am more than ready and incredibly excited to get my horses back.

    When it comes to loans I generally pay $450 for every point the horse has earned with you, so if you could reply here or on slack with that I'll get the moolah sent over with an extra $10,000 per horse for being so patient with me - seriously I appreciate this so much <3 or if you'd rather something else in return just let me know :eyes:

    If you'd like to keep loaning the horse for whatever reason then just send me a message and we'll figure out the details ^^;

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