[Jan 4][Show Grounds] Hollow Creek Customs

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    Hollow Creek Customs

    What I make:

    • Templates
    • Coats
    • Lots
    • Retextures (Learning)
    Latest Release
    Hollow's Show Grounds
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    Features 9 lots that can be used together or individually. Includes a fully furnished clubhouse, cozy lounges and cafes and rings that are decorated ready for use. I don't know where all of the CC is from, I lost the bookmarks when my computer went to the shop, but I know the windows for the judge booths are from a medieval set and pretty much all of the horse stuff is Aires or Raymond CC. Jumps aren't set for any level set, you just need to adjust as needed. It has three stalls for RP intended use, i.e horses owned by the club for riders to use in case of an issue. Just have fun with it and I hope it helps you show!
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    Also yoo if y'all use my stuff, tag me! I want to see it. And cry. From joy.

  • Wow, I love that lot, it's actually really useful for something I'm immediately working on!

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