[SOLD] Andalusian (PRE) broodmare

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    • You can not change anything of the horse except the style of the mane and tail (stallions can be geldings).
    • Do not submit the horse for mass download.
    • If you wish to sell the horse please contact me as I may be interested in purchasing it back.
    • I retain the right to withdraw the horse from sale or auction at any time.
    • For personal reasons experienced previously, horses with the prefix "Urquijo" can not be sold to other people. (If you buy a horse you can not sell it to someone else later).
    • If you wish to return the horse, you must know that the money will not be sent back.

    Cortesana XI de Urquijo
    Andalusian (PRE) | Mare | Grey (based black)| Foundation x Foundation alt text

    SB: 8.000$
    Winner: X

  • This post is deleted!

  • This auction is open again!!

  • Ains!!! you always tempt me!
    SB! <3

  • Do you got any further information on her?

  • @Irene-Duarte : Accepted :heart:
    @Thea-Radmer : She is an eight year old andalusian broodmare of carthusian line. Cortesana was one of the first mares to arrive at the Yeguada Marqués de Urquijo and is the mother of several of our young fillies. She never competed but could be prepared for dressage.

  • Only one hour left!

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