[CLOSED] Tannicht 2019 Breeding Season - BIY

  • {General Rules.}

    • I have a set base price of $10 000 and charge $1500 per pedigree bonus point the stallion gives.
    • I reserve the right to decline any request without explantion.
    • Only mares that are registered on the mainsite and are active in their discipline are accepted.
    • Please contact me via Slack and / or pm and state if you want a BIY or a Traditional breeding as well as some information and preferably pictures of the mare you want to have covered.
    • Before I either do a tradional or before you can do a BIY the stud fee has to be paid. If you want me to do a traditional breeding, I will accept the money after you recieved the file.
    • If the slots are taken, they are taken. I will not add more.

    {Breed It Yourself.}

    • You are not allowed to use our prefix for the horse.
    • There are no activity rules. Do whatever you want. You made the horse, so it's your rules.
    • I will not send the files of the stallions; however you can have conformation pictures and any pictures I have of the stallion.
    • Your request have to be accepted before the breeding takes place and so has the stud fee.
    • You are only allowed to take one slot. No twins are allowed to be bred unless discussed before the breeding takes place.


    • I will charge an extra of §15 000 on top of the base breeding fee.
    • You are not allowed to use the conformation or coat as a base.
    • Our prefix (Tanns) cannot be removed, nor can you use your own prefix/suffix.
    • You are not allowed to change the coat color and/or conformation. You can grey out greys and geld stallions if you wish.
    • No mass-downloading.
    • Please be active with the horse; meaning entering R Shows when you have the time and one or two pictures in its lifetime would be appreciated (This is 1-2 pictures in 4 IRL years). A lot of my horses ended up being sent to the deceased or reclaimable account. If you don't like the horse, state it before I send it to you and ask me about changes or pm me so I can buy it back if you no longer enjoy it.
    • Please state if you have the russian shine marking or not.
    • All horses come main site registered and with their own custom markings, such as head/leg and, if requiered their own shader markings. You are not allowed to put them up for download or use them for your own horses.
    • You are not requiered to send the file of the mare if you don't want to.

    {Berrylium HF}
    Swedish Warmblood
    Main Site
    Show Jumping | 343 points | gives 20 pedigree bonus points | Retired
    Stud Fee: $ 40 000
    alt text
    Breed it youself Traditional
    1/2 0/1

    {Duval's Hemmingway}
    Main Site
    Dressage | 240 points | gives 25 pedigree bonus points | Active
    Stud Fee: $ 47 500
    alt text
    Breed it youself Traditional
    0/2 1/1

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