Silver in Oldenburg

  • So, uhm I found some evidence that may will permit the silver gene in Oldenburg horses and I just thought I would post them here. Maybe someone has even more proof of the silver gene in Oldenburgs or other WB breeds, besides the KWPN :slight_smile:

    Safyre – Silver Brown Appendix Mare approved for Oldenburg/ISR
    Satori – Silver Brown Oldenburg Filly (Oldenburg stallion x Appendix mare)
    Patent Pending – Silver bay RPSI Stallion (Trakehner stallion x Oldenburg/Welsh mare) -> he will be prepared for his breeding approvals this year, so maybe he will also get approved for other breeds

    The stallion doesn’t get his colour from his sire (as his sire is just black), but from his mother, which should be Oldenburg approved for breeding and producing Oldenburgs or any WB that allows Oldenburg as outcross. His mother can be seen in this video and kinda looks to me like a silver buckskin.

    Also the breeding program of the Oldenburg (Oldenburger Verband), where the breeding goal is written down, says two times (1st time in the constitution / pg. 12 & 2nd time in the breeding guidelines / pg.1) that all colours are permitted. Most of the German horse breeds (Hanoverian, Holstein, Oldenburg, Westphalian, GSH, and so on) breed with the focus lying a lot on the quality of the horse and its suitability as an athlete and competition horse (with emphasis on jumping ability, movement and character – in other words: their performance) and mostly not their colour (with the Hanoverian as an exception here though, which only permits basic colours)! At least the colour often is not a criterium to exclude a horse from breeding when the horse is healthy and fits the other requirements considering conformation and other characteristics. I also found a nice article for this subject.

    Where did the colours go? (I don't know if this helps, I just wanted to state it ^^)

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    The outcrosses for these horses lead me to believe they are approved for the International Sporthorse Registry, Inc.
    & Oldenburg Registry North America (ISR-OLD NA) studbook, not the Oldenburg Verbrand (Verband der Züchter des Oldenburger Pferdes e.V. (OLDBG)) The former is the studbook we used to base the International Sporthorse on- they are essentially a mix of any breeds that lend a horse a Warmblood conformation, while the Oldenburg Verbrand is the actual Oldenburg studbook.

  • Thank you very much for looking through it nonetheless. Maybe someday we will have silver also poppin up in other traditional WB's :smile:

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