[Open] Lewens Stud Hall of Fame Breeding Season

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    Welcome to Lewens Stud's first breeding season in 2019!
    What does hall of fame breeding mean? Well, it's quiet simple. We offer our 2 best and most successful mares and stallions of each discipline for a breeding for some time. At the moment we don't have a maximum amoun of foals a horse can give. So be one of the lucky people who gets a foal!
    A few facts about this breeding program:
    We offer traditional breedings only! You can choose a mare or a stallion to breed with one of your horses, or you choose both of ours. Feel free to mix!
    Please take some time to read our rules:

    ♞ You are not allowed to change our prefix "Lewen's". You can choose a name for the foal with one simple rule - the traditional hanoverian breeding asks for the foals name to start with the first letter of the sire. So please have this in mind! We also have some names, so if you need help, we can help you! :blush:
    ♞ You may not change colour of mane and tail, you may change the style.
    ♞ You are not allowed to change the horses coat, conformation or gender! Stallions can be gelded, but before you do it, we would like to know.
    ♞ You may add Detail Markings and Shine Markings.
    ♞ Don't use the horses conformation and coat as base for other horses.
    ♞ We would like to see that the horse competes in every R-Show and competes 1-2 times in a challenge in its lifetime. But it doesn't have to! We just would like to know the foal will have an active home!
    ♞ You must be an active ES member (R-Shows, maybe challenges).
    ♞ If you want to sell the horse, please let us know, maybe we want it back.
    ♞ Don't use the horse as breeding machine, breeding is okay, but keep it realistic. Add your favourite number to the application so we know you have read the rules.
    ♞ We will keep one copy of the horses file.
    ♞ Scrapbook updates are not necessary, but we are always happy when we see some. Same with challenges! ;)
    ♞ We reserve the right and authority to reclaim a horse if our rules are broken. If the horse is inactive for more than four (4) months (1 ES Year) without notifying us with the reasons why and without us having to ask, we can reclaim the horse without further warnings.
    ♞ The horse should be registered within one (1) months.
    ♞ If the payment isn't send to Gwen Parker on the Main Site within two (2) weeks without any reason, we have the right to resell the horse.

    please click the button "present" to see the horses properly

    you found the perfect parent(s) for your future champion?
    Then please fill in the Application :grin: :two_hearts:

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