Looking for some coloured warmbloods!

  • Development Committee

    :sparkles: Hi there!

    Aasmarka is in need of some fresh bloodlines and something more unique than just solid bays and blacks, so we are now opening up our home for some new horses. We are not looking for a common bay with minimal markings(min. sabino, tobiano etc is welcome of course) So basically, we are just looking for some coloured warmbloods to buy!

    Can guarantee an active showing home and I always contact breeder/previous owner if I for some reason can't keep the horse anymore. Must be 2nd gen or more, I don't care if the horse isn't registered or doesn't have any points.

    What we are looking for:

    • 2nd gen or more (might do a few exceptions here)
    • Must be warmblood of breed
    • No leasing, only buying
    • No solid colours (with a few exceptions stated below)
    • Any patterns accepted (must be realistic within the breed's restrictions)
    • If a solid coat the horse must carry genes like cream, flaxen, silver, etc
    • Preferably bred for Show Jumping, Eventing or Dressage

    We might also accept breedings if you have some special parents in mind, just let me know!

    DM me on slack or on the forum if you might have something! :cherry_blossom: Paying your price as long as it's reasonable. I'm also more than happy to trade with sims or simple world edits(just look at Em's Praaven in example or my scrapbook here)


  • PR Committee

    Hi Diana! I have a breeding thread open with 6 colored stallions and a few colored mares available for traditional or BIY. You should check it out and see if any studs, broodmares, or pairs interest you. DM me on here or slack if something catches your eye!

  • I have a stallion you would be welcome to use for a breeding, Fredrikelof's Exeter, a 5th generation.
    This boy competes in both Eventing and Show Jumping, holding 157 points as a eventer and just starting his jumper career. Besides being a tobiano, he also carries both cream and flaxen.
    You can always DM me on Slack if interested <3

  • Hey there! I could also offer yo some horses for breeding :blush:

    Omicron NC - palomino Trakehner stallion - Eventing (+6) & Show Jumping (+5)
    Havel's Siebenstein - buckskin tobiano GSH gelding with 2 public straws left - Eventing (+15)
    HRST Sigma - cremello Trakehner stallion - Eventing (+12)
    HRST Grannusch - chestnut roan Trakehner stallion - Show Jumping (+1)

    Khani G - flaxen chestnut Arabian (I know, not a WB, but maybe is also worth considering) - Eventing (+2) & Dressage (+2)

    HRST Edelmut - liver chestnut Trakehner mare (carries flaxen) - Dressage (+4)
    NZJ Legalizer - sooty buckskin Oldenburg mare - Dressage (+2)
    Havel's Catharijn de Dublin - chestnut tobiano KWPN mare - Show Jumping (+2)

    If you are interested in a breeding with any of them let me know :heart:

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