Andravida Horse

    BREED NAME: Andravida Horse/Eleia Horse

    What makes this breed different to other breeds we already have on Equus? How is it unique?
    It is a breed from greece.. I dont think Equus has one.

    About the Breed:

    Give us a brief history of the breed:
    Developed primarily in the early parts of the 20th century, the ancestors of the Andravida horses were said to be used as cavalry horses by the Athenians in the 4th century BC. In the 7th century also their usage as war horses by the Greek has been mentioned about. At the start of the 13th century and continuing till the 15th century, Arabian blood which formed a major part of the Greek and French army was infused for the purpose of creating a lighter strain of the Andravida horse. In fact, their large stature as well as strong and powerful nature made them well-suited for purposes particularly while conquering a territory or even for carrying goods across the trade routes.

    An interesting legend about this breed says that during the Ottoman rule, the Turkish governor had presented a Sultan with a pair of these horses. This made him so contented that he gave the people of Ilia the rights for breeding these horses. They continued to be used by the Greek army even in the modern times, with fresh horses being supplied from Ilia.

    Though Anglo-Norman horses were used for improving the breed, it gradually began to decline and was revived only in the early part of 1990s when a stallion of this breed Calin de Nanteuil renamed as Pegasus were crossed with mares resulting in the birth of foals which were supplied through western Greece to breeders. The official stud book for this breed was formed in the year 1995. However, the number of this breed is still very low, rarely found out of their breeding habitat Ilia, also being at an increased risk of extinction.

    Give an overview of the breeds’ characteristics - conformation, height ranges, uses - tell us about what makes your breed special!
    See here, here and

    Disciplines: Riding horse, for transport and as a work horse

    Base Colors: grey, black, bay, chestnut,
    Modifiers: roan
    White Markings: x
    Does your breed carry Appaloosa? x
    Does your breed carry Grey? yes
    Which colors are rare for this breed? dun, palomino & buckskin
    What outcrosses are allowed? Anglo-Norman horses and Nonius

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  • I've been looking in to this as well, and definitely support this. I dont have anything to add at the moment, but if i do find something I will add it.

  • Administrators

    Hello Hediwg, this looks like a fine breed to add, but you are missing a few things from the Breed Request Template:


    Link to any real life registries:

    Supply photos (links are fine) of the breed in real life from reputable sources. Please include at least one photo to support each of the colors/patterns and strains you have suggested.

    Provide at least 3 examples of this breed that you have created in your game. The examples must accurately reflect the breed - they must be of the conformation and type that you described and be of the allowed colors that you listed.

    I would especially like to see real-life examples of the cream, dun, and roan genes in this breed. I understand that they are an endangered breed and thus examples may be hard to find, but I am struggling to find horses of this breed that aren't black or dark bay.

  • I will try to find those references!
    Will be hard tho.. :grin:

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