Can't log in the .net site + name change?

  • Hello All!
    I have a login problem on the site. I changed my name there and since then I can't log in. What can I do in that case?
    Also, can I change my username on this ommunity site, or I should register again?
    Thank you!

  • For entering mainsite, use this link ^^ the .net site is old and aren't in use anymore what I know :slight_smile: and yes you can do a name change but I don't know where these forms are so hopefully someone else will help you on that ^^

  • Administrators

    Hey Claire, we did a mainsite cleanout a few months ago, so any mainsite accounts that didn't have a matching account on this forum were deleted. If you changed your name on the mainsite but not on this forum, your account was likely deleted. You can create a new mainsite account under the name Claire Anderson if you want a new mainsite account. You can change your forum name here.

  • Thank you :heart:

    @Puck-Cantrell I'm a bit confused, because I had some registered horses on my account. Does it mean that they are deleted too and now they are not exist? Unfortunately, as I can't log in, I can't see any of them. But if there is a chance for my old account alives, I don't want duplicate account, since it's also against the rules. What would be the right thing to do in that case?
    Btw, I changed my name to Claire Bennett, from Anderson.

  • When you tell me under which name your mane site account was/is I can check if it is still there or if it got deleted.
    The horses you had registred where all sent to the reclaimable account. I can‘t tell you if you will be able to get them back, but since their breeders were able to reclaim them, you might be unlucky and they already found new owners.

    EDIT: Just read that you wrote the names, seams like your account got deleted. :disappointed:

  • There were some horses what I made to myself. Like; Handkiss Stealer, Seaborn Siren, etc. Is there a possibility to getting them back?

  • Both of those horses are in the reclaims account. Once you get your new manesite up, and you can apply here to have them returned. You just have to supply some proof of previous ownership. :heart:

  • I created a new account a couple of days ago, but it still has not been accepted yet :(

  • PR Committee

    @Danielle-Maddox accepts the accounts, I'm sure she'll check over them when she has time :relaxed:

  • Administrators

    Accepted your account yesterday afternoon, welcome back ❤️

  • Thank you All! :heart:

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