Question about my lease horse

  • So this is an IRL question. I picked up Tulio's lease again(yay) and he was moved to a large field with a herd no more being out in a private paddock being a fat boy.

    Just a little photo album of him. First image was from 2 years ago, final 2 are from today. X

    I know a skinny horse you would see the ribs, but I don't think I should see his hips. But again I am use to him being a fatty. He is an Andalusian, he is also working on regaining his muscles too. Now he has been out in the large field for close to a month now, the large field he is in does have hills to get to the round bale feeders. I think he did have a diet change(less food), he also spends his entire time out in the field at the round bale feeder.

    I also have some videos so you can kinda see what he looks like at the side. I can get more pictures later on(as my friend did take some pictures of him)
    X X X

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    I'm not sure what the question is but I'd say he's for sure dropped weight, in the first picture he is a little chunky but now he's a little thin. With his breeding you're not wanting like lean Thoroughbred look. Not having any idea what his feed or health is like, I can't say for sure that a feed change is what he needs as I just don't know the horse, but it'd be worth bringing it up that you think he's on the thin side right now, it could just be that the winter has been harsh to him since the Eastern seaboard has just been slammed with cold this year, or he might need his grain upped or get checked by a vet. But I agree, he is probably thinner than he should be right now.

  • @Blake-Bellanaris his owner stopped by yesterday(most likely before or after I worked him) and agreed he has lost weight since he joined the herd and is running around more now. He is getting a physical done Tuesday, and hopefully the vet can point her to how to help regain his weight to at least last what is left of winter/spring. I'm glad she picked up on his weight, unless one of the workers alerted her about it.

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