Why the traditional shows were cancelled

  • Im just wondering if there was an official post about why the T shows were cancelled as I'd like to have a read if someone could please link me to it. I cant find it anywhere hahah :)

  • I think you can find it on the old forum, in the announcement section. I'm on my phone at work so grabbing the link would be a hussle, but you'll find it there!

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    Unfortunately I can't find the original announcement at all, but in short:
    T shows were cancelled due to lack of judges and member abuse of judges, as well as increasing member dissatisfaction (as judged by the volume of complaints sent to CC staff) causing an overall toxic atmosphere regarding the whole business. We (the admin team) opened a feedback form to take ideas and suggestions by which to salvage T shows, but even with this input from the community, no solution could be reached.

    For your reference, here is the message posted as the reply / result of the feedback.

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your time and thought while filling out the T show feedback form, we sincerely appreciate it. We also thank you for your ideas, your energy, and your obvious love and care for the future of Equus. We have studied all your responses in an effort to see what the common issues are, and to consider the alternatives and solutions you suggested.
    Many people were unhappy with the current detail oriented, perfectionist system and disliked our strict turnout and movement guides and the resulting score penalties. This trend in the feedback, as well as the circumstances leading up to this situation (issues with show scorecards and results, shortage of judges), we have decided to replace T shows as we know them with revamped and enhanced Combination shows (C shows). C shows allow us the freedom to show off our horses in whatever creative and adventurous ways we can think of (enter a story, or a photo, or both!). We’re making a few changes to C shows to make them more compelling and rewarding, including awarding achievement points (tickets) for participation, themes, and team play.
    Another major issue with our show system aside from T shows pertains to our leaderboards. Because of the cumulative nature of our leaderboards, retiring horses from competitions is not beneficial. This makes it extremely difficult to impossible for new members (or even just new horses) to ever reach the top of the leaderboards because there is no possible way to catch up as long as these horses are still competing. This has created pressure on members to enter their horses in every show to maintain their position on the leaderboard or rise through the leaderboard rankings.
    To change this, and give every member a chance at the top spot, we will be switching to a yearly system. At the beginning of every Equus year, the leaderboard sheet will empty itself, ready for the next year’s shows and become a fresh slate for any members hoping to get their horses high on the rankings. Horses will still keep their total points, along with their titles and pedigree points, but the leaderboard will have the horses with the most points in that Equus year at the top, instead of the horses with the most points of all time. This also allows us to give custom yearly awards for horses who do well. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to submit ideas for these awards!
    What this means is members don’t need to worry if they miss a show, or need to feel so desperate to find someone to lease their horses if they go on hiatus: Members who have horses high on the rankings can relax and not feel the need to keep the horses constantly active and out of retirement.
    Team sports will also be undergoing a few changes in R shows. Instead of being run as a team, each horse will be run individually, the way other disciplines run. For RP purposes, they will include a ranking of the teams in the show ranked by their average horse placing. This will make team sports more comparable to how other disciplines work on Equus and make the sheets for judging these shows more reliable.
    During December we are having a competition and registration hiatus, so the changes mentioned above can be implemented, and some upkeep can be done on the registration system. This means that the registration form will be closed, and will reopen to accept all your new horses in January. More information will be available on C shows before competitions resume in January. We would like to note that we will be ramping up into this new competition system so that members have the opportunity to provide feedback and make changes to the system as it develops.

    I hope this answers your question :)

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