CAW - how to bring CC into it Game

  • Hi! I tried to make my own World and wanted to use different fences, but I don't know how to get them Into CAW. I Need help ;( Please write me , if you know how it works :) That would be fantastic ;)

  • Try here, it shows how to mod objects to show up in CAW

  • Oh, thank you ;)

  • @Kayla-Albright Maybe I'm a Little bit annyoing but can you explain me, how to make a CAW Framework, because I can't find the file called Rescource,cfg which should be inside the files of CAW. I would be so thankful if you could tell me how it works and how to make one. :)

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    If you find the EA folder where everything installs (mine is on the C-drive, Program Files x86) and find the Create A World folder, there should be a resource document already there. You can edit it yourself, or if you're lazy and wary about breaking things like I am, then you can download this which is the edited version, and just replace the original resource document with this. Then create a new Packages folder right there in the CAW folder, and put your cc in there. Mod The Sims has a forum section where you can download items available for caw and I think Around The Sims has a few things for caw use too, and those just go in the Packages folder :relaxed:

  • @Callixta-Rosella Thank you! ;) I will try it:)

  • Ok, now I believe I'm stupid :( I found the file, replaced it with the new file. Put some fences from Modthesims into my Package file, which is Looks like in the normal game, BUT IT DOESN'T WORK ! ;( :( I'm don't know, what I am doing wrong

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    Are you definitely sure the files you downloaded are modded to show up in caw? Usually once the files are in the Packages folder and the resource file is either edited or replaced, you restart caw and all the items will show up in the catalog but due to all the content available, it can take a while to scroll through and check each fence listed

  • I wanted to bring the equestrian fence from Eldervine Stables into CAW, but it doesn't work, and I don't know why ;(

  • PR Committee

    I think there's already a caw-enabled version of it in the original download, I 've used that fence many times in caw :slight_smile:

  • Ok, I will try again!
    Step 1: I took the Resource file and remake it with the new things (from modthesims)
    Step 2: I made and Packages file and put the fence into it
    Step 3: I opened CAW and searched for it
    Step 4: Couldn't find it ;(

    Maybe I have forgotten a Step?
    But, THANK YOU for your answer:)

  • This thread is amazing! I've had the same question and its answered now, thanks!! :)

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