Sanders Family Farms - 06/23 Clinic Update - Surgery Day

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    I hated the mountain seller...he was a sketchy nasty old man that came across horses by god knows what means. He's not the type of man anyone wants to do business with and is worse then the killpens that are in the lower regions. My younger sister Abby however loved to go to his stupid shack...mostly because some of the rare gems you could find up there. But to find those gems you had a ton of work to do, work that even though she said she was going to do it...really Meant "Marc, I want this horse but you're going to do all the grunt work while I sit back and try to say you're doing it wrong". This time though was different, she came home in tears, I was used to her being over emotional when leaving the mountain man but this time she was distant and simply begged that there was something up there we had to save.

    Groaning and rolling my eyes I said swell, but I made no promises that we would come home with a new horse. These horses needed a lot of vet and farrier attention. I always wanted to believe that these were just rejects people brought to the old man because he didn't buy them from those wanting to get rid of them. But rumors said its where the rustlers took the horses that they couldn't get rid of for one reason or another in their nasty illegal ways.

    I hitched the trailer and we went off. It's about an 9 hour drive through the mountains up to this rickity old stable and home. The horses in the pasture looked grungy and ill, not this mans normal looking horses either.

    "I don't like this Abs. These aren't like his normal round of horses."

    alt text

    She said nothing. I backed up to the old barn isle and followed my silent sister, whom normally won't shut up no matter how much you beg her to. She walked around the back of the barn not down between the stalls which I found odd. Though the more we walked along the back the more I saw why....a nose laid under the back side of the barn slats at one end of the barn. Enough of a reason for me to follow her the long way to the end of the stable. I watched her peak through one stalls slats and saw her get a little excited and the bound come back to her step.

    alt text

    I looked too and saw muddy cream colored legs. Now I was interested, perking a brow I followed her around the corner and stopped. The stallion was muddy...and pissed off. He didn't move, didn't even twitch an ear my direction. He was raw angry power in a rusted out old barn stall and if he wanted to...he could get out of.

    alt text

    He didn't move until I did, I went to look at his other side his ears shot back and he moved almost in a herding manner to block wasn't until that point I noticed four more legs in the stall with him that looked identical to his own. That;s when I saw Abby grin ear to ear and bounce a little.

    alt text

    Clicking my tongue a slightly lighter palomino head popped up over the stallions back, great the old idiot had a mare and stud together....but then I looked between the two faces and blinked...they were a rare set of identical twins...minus one being mare one being a stallion. "Told you we had to come get them" was all abby said as she ran out to the old many handed him 200$ and grabbed the shipping halters from the trailer....though it wasn't going to be that easy. I moved them into separate stalls, and looked each over for any signs of major illness that I could see. The little mare was easier to handle the stud however was pissed the moment he wasn't right along his sisters side.

    alt text

    We loaded her first...then opened the gate to his stall and he ran right into the trailer beside her.....

    alt text
    What has Abby gotten me into......

    Mare created by @Piper-Chance stallion Created By; @Annabelle-Wolfsbane

  • Lovely looking horses. I hope they weren't russled in the first place. :)

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    Riot arrived at the clinic today finally. I had put myself up in a hotel right by the airport so that she wouldn't be stressed longer then she needed. The great thing about our clinic is we have been approved to hold quarantines without them having to wait at the airport!

    I had gotten the email a week before from Piper explaining what was going on with Riot and the things her vet was telling her. I asked if we could provide her a second opinion and even offered to pay for all the animals expenses. With Piper being one of our most valued affilates we were determined to give her horse the best possible fighting chance there was.

    I was rather pissed off when I saw the flight aid leading Riot over to me originally, I had demanded the shipping boots and halter I had sent with the pilot be used at all times "Well she didn't seem to like them so i took the boots off" I wanted to backhand the smile right off the mans face but restrained myself and simply demanded he hold onto Riot while I fixed the shipping boots back on.

    I carefully loaded Riot into the waiting trailer that we had prepped before her arrival. It was about a half a days trip to Elk River Ranch and the new vet Clinic but I made stops along the way to check on Riot and made sure the hay was always full.

    When we finally arrived home the sun was beginning to set and my live in girlfriend game running. I was leading Riot away from the trailer as she watched on and got a good feel for how the mare was moving and trying to determine the best course of action. I had already started a file for her and our next step was to let her settle for the night and get to work determining what was going on with this pretty girl as soon as the rooster crowed in the morning.

    alt text

    The next day was when the fun would began, I went about feeding the mountain twins and our newest mare that had also just arrived and was being watched for a few days per import regulations we had to follow and I had to walk past Ms.Riots stall without a feeding as I was asked to wait, which I understood with everything that needed to be done. She just sat and watched and waited a very quiet mare.

    Once the exam room was ready for her I led Riot into the room my girl was in and had gotten set up for a few x-rays. You could tell Riot was starting to get nervous and that was to be expected it smelled different and it was bright. I could tell the lights bothered her so I dimmed them down enough that it was okay with the boss lady. It wasn't until after I got her set up on the scale and ready that I was told I have to leave the i did so but I wasn't happy.

    I paced the hall waited, watched her take x-ray after x-ray. Watched those cute little frown lines crease her face and a few nasty words at the computer come out of her mouth. Riot stood very well and didn't mind the hay she was given to munch finally but still didn't want much to do with it.

    I watched as an ultrasound was done and that's when I saw her eyes light up and her rush to the computer examing the images closer....her grin got bigger and brighter....that's when I knew she knew exactly what was going on with Riot and that it was something we could fix and her compete and live a happy life....but what exactly is it...that she had found...?

    Elk River Equine Clinic Day 2
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    alt text alt text
    alt text Next Day.....

    After the tests had been run, the blood work came back, and we sent off her scans and ultrasounds to our most trusted vet to verify we did in fact see what we thought we saw...I had the conversation with Emma and to my surprise she was extremely confident in what was going on and the fact she could fix the little mare. It was my next question I was hesitant to ask....would she compete?

    She tried to stay serious but her eyes gave her away, she grinned and said 100% after 2 months of recovery she would be more the ready to jump into beginners competing at the lowest levels. Once she was at 6 months after recovery...she will be able to compete at whatever level Piper desires.

    I read the reports, I looked everything over and that's when I emailed Piper with our findings.....

    alt text
    Elk River Equine Clinic - Riot Day 3
    alt text alt text

    Facility by the amazing @Sophie-Oak Riot comes to the clinic from @Piper-Chance

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    "You're not allowed in here~" I was screamed at...not just told but full on bitch mode yelled at I knew why I wasn't...I was way to attached to this case and would just be in the way and to nervous to help. So..I paced the halls....I walked them for the 13 hours that it took for the surgery...I went upstairs and watched from there...even though she had the speaker disconnected so I couldn't critique her work while she was working and tell her to do this stitch or this way ect.

    So I of the hands brought me coffee after I waited....and waited. I finally watched as she placed the final stitch and set her tools down...she took her gloves off and like she always does...placed a kiss on the soft muzzle of the horse on the table. I ran...I didn't walk I didn't fast walk I ran down the stairs and to the doors right outside the OR. I watched them lower her from the table to the small holding area beside it...I watched them pad her other hooves and legs and her halter.


    "She'll be back to competing within a year. She'll have to be started slow...but she's going to be okay. You can NOT take her out of that stall, change her wraps yourself or ANYTHING until my say so. Do I make myself clear?"

    I nodded like a scolded child...and slowly sneaked passed her and into the small holding stall. Grabbed a pillow from a nearby chair and laid down on the padded floor while I waited for the big mare to come to.

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    Elk River Equine Clinic - Riot Surgery Day
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    ~* CLINIC UPDATE - Goodbye Miss Riot*~

    Several weeks have now passed and I had spent them all on a cot outside of Riots stall. I fed her, walked her up and down the barn isle when she got restless in the first few days of her healing...I removed and cleaned her bandages after I had been cleared to do so. I even snuck some treats to her in her morning and evening grain. I got greeted with a loud whinny right before the sun would rise demanding my attention.

    Once we finally took her wrappings off for good I was able to take her into the clinics arena I had to keep her to a walk for a few days and then a slow working trot. That is until she managed to snap the halter off she was wearing and took off in a playful canter around the arena. I laughed and shook my head, there was an irritated whinny from one of the stalls so I went to find out who it was....Rocket. Rocket is the new filly to sliding K ranch all the way from Katie's ranch in Aus. I decided to put a halter on her and put her into the paddock with Riot...of course it was about 30 minutes of meet and greet outside of the gate before I put the two together...but they hit it off and followed one another around like they had known eachother all their lives. I watched for awhile before I left to go clean both girls stalls.

    Few days later

    "You know it's time to ship her home, she's well enough to go back to Piper and begin her retraining for the show arena"

    All I could do was nod and watch the two mares play and groom eachother. I went to collect the truck and trailer along with all the shipping halter and boots Riot would need and her charts. I rang the plane and the vet that Piper had said she normally uses. The plane would be ready in two hours.

    I went and put Rocket back into her stall, which neither girl was happy about but it had to be done. And grabbed a few carrots. I stood in the paddock with Riot for an hour playing, grooming and giving the pretty girl her treats. It's funny to think how before she came to Elk River Vet Clinic she was considered done with by the vet outside of us...and now she's ready to get back into the show arena and back under saddle...this pretty girl is going to go far and us here at Sliding K Ranch & Elk River can't wait to see where Piper continues to take her.

    alt text
    Elk River Equine Clinic - Riot Goodbye Final Entry
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    ~NEW CLINIC FILE - Mare In Need~

    It was early, very very early when the sound of "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" blared from the cellphone laying on the desk. I had fallen asleep in the office after finishing up the paperwork for our last Clinic visit, sent off the quarenteen paper work to the state for Rocket and a couple other new comers clearing them to head to Sliding K Ranch....and had just rested my head down to sleep an hour ago...who on earth could it be?

    I stumbled to the desk, picked up the phone and was awake faster then I realized I could wake was from Tiffany Connell about the mustang she had gotten from our challange..Gemma.

    Now Gemma was a special case when we asigned her to Tiffany. See...she was a mare in foal..but not just one foal. She was a rare case of twins and I had hoped would of been good on her own. But, as with most twins they tends to be complications. From what I was being told....she was going to need the clinics help.

    I waited for Tiffany to get back to us about the mare traveling...fingers crossed that he cleared it as I had my jet already on the way along with a vet trained hand that helps with the clinic.

    I got a stall ready and started prepping several other rooms for the incoming pregnant mare. I had been following her throughout her progress with Tiffany and knew she was still rough but getting better with everything. I just hoped she doesn't have hard feelings for me when she arrives...the last thing I need is a stressed out pissed off mare in foal with twins....To Be Continued...

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