[Wanted] Mustangs

  • I am currently starting a Mustang Breeding Programm for Western Disciplines and I would like to buy some more Horses of this breed! I am considering every Mustand (Foundis or higher gens) and also Imports :)
    I would also appreciate very much to come in contact with other breeders n.n

  • I am selling PMS Solar Flare, who competes in Western Trail and Reining currently. He is a Spanish Mustang, though, I don't know if that changes anything for you or not.
    This is an image of him:

  • I can make one for you, you can see horses i have made here peredashowstables.weebly.com

  • Thank your both for your replies :)
    @Brandon-Huffton I really want to concentrate on just Mustangs so that won't be possible :S Even though he's a beautiful boy :)
    @Mariana-Pereda-Sloan I am sorry but I have to decline your offer :/

  • No problem, sorry that I couldn't help you.
    It may seem intrusive to you, but you could look up owners of Mustangs and contact them if they are willing to sell any? You could also breed any stock breed to a Mustang and register the offspring as a Mustang. You may want to contact someone (or Morgan) from the Breed Committee to see if you would be able to breed say an American Indian Horse and a Kiger Mustang together and register the offspring as a Mustang. That would open up more possibilities for you to find what you are looking for.

  • i have one foundie that was just returned to me yesterday! i don't know if you'd be interested? he's a bay roan stallion

    i'll send his profile link over to ya

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