Slack Issues? FIXED

  • Hello!

    So recently i realised i cant get onto slack on my computer.

    Now i play Sims on a windows desktop, and have a separate mac laptop for other things.
    I usually can access slack by clicking on my favourites (i think thats what its called) when i go into chrome as its just there. But it tends to lead me to a page saying it took too long to load therefor i cant get on (pictures below).

    alt text

    alt text

    So i tried another way and typed in the link into my actual search bar. But still i got the same result.

    I took another resort and turned on my mac to see if i could get on it from there. Nope. Still cant get on.

    The only thing i can get onto slack from is my iPhone, and still on that it won't let me upload anything like pictures.

    Ive I've taken out that it could possibly be my internet, as all other webpages seem to be working fine. But yet again this could just be my computer being a poop.

    Sorry for the ask, but I'm to exactly sure what to do :/

    EDIT: Imgur also does the same thing? :o

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