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    This probably wouldn't be practical, or even possible, from a sheet standpoint. Horses are scored with a simple roll between their pedigree bonus and 100- a horse with a +5 pedigree bonus is rolled between 5 and 100, and horses place based on score. There would be no way to systematically lower a horse's luck score without cutting their pedigree bonus, which could result in foundations actually going into the negatives for score, which seems a bit unfair. We also don't track horse's ages in 2.5, and the only way to really make a firm system would be based on ID, which would be unfair if you had a younger horse who just so happened to have an older ID either because of your own aging system or because you used an older credit for that horse. Personally, I don't think a set-in-stone aging system would bring a lot to Equus- it's limiting, it's demoralizing, and would be stacked against players who aren't able to enter every show and thus age their horses more slowly to let them gather points. I don't even age my own horses by a set system- I value them more for their stories and their meaning to me personally than trying to force 'realism' into my game.

    If you're looking for ways to bring more realism into your own game, there are many story and injury generators on the web, and Elsie has even built a few. Personally, I always have and always will advocate against any system being added to Equus that forces players to change how they tell their stories here. :slight_smile:

  • I am against any kind of required aging system. I have times during my life where my work completely consumes my life and I have not time for my pixel horses at all. If I was forced to follow an aging system most of them would age out of usefulness before I had time to enjoy them and I would probably just leave Equus.

  • I'm also against an enforced aging system. I think it's really important to let people play the game they want to play. I love my foundies, and I take long breaks from the game and like to pick up where I left off. My aging system is very complicated.

    If you wanted to do something like this for your own enjoyment and realism, maybe you could make random rolls for your own horses. Older horses have more penalties on the roll. If they fail the roll they can't enter the show, e.g. due to coming up lame on the morning and failing the vet check or something.

  • It was just an idea after talking in a group chat with a few people and we were talking about the aging system some time back.

    Thanks for everyone input

  • I use Equus to tell stories, not play a numbers game. So to me, my horses are characters. They exist within a timeline whose bounds I have set myself, and I leapfrog between those limits to show you what I want to show you. Naturally, they will age a few years, but there's a cap: the end of the timeline.

    Enforced aging would kill off my cast. :grimacing: :laughing: And frankly, my personal interest in continuing with Equus as a whole.

    But I think it could be a cool thing for people who are interested in the numbers side of things to think about! As some have pointed out, it probably can't be applied directly in the sheets... perhaps you could practise self-implementation by having them miss the occasional R-show, saying progress was impeded by age issues, or show them having those issues in RP phases? And you know, conversely- as Isaiah mentioned- you can also point out in the RP phase how age and experience has helped them to be successful? There's something there. :slight_smile:

  • I for one am more for incorporating age from story point of view than as a strictly number-based system (and the way I interpreted it, OP wasn't even talking about an age system per se but about taking the age of the horses more into account). I could see that happening for example with challenges specifically targeting young horses/foals/older horses, or perhaps founding a stable/service/other platform for retired horses. And not just as a Retired category on main site where they're stored but as a leasing kind of service where some kind soul takes in retired horses and gives us updates about them. Since we're only allowed one blog/person, perhaps with this particular thing there could be an exception and there would be that one blog dedicated to old horses (either completely managed by the service provider, or a dedicated blog to older horses where everyone can share stories and pictures about their retired champs). Respectively, there could be one for foals. In my opinion it'd be much more motivating to keep them young longer and build a life history for them.

  • Isaiah,
    I like the idea especially for a community Blog where everyone could post sort of as an Equus Retirement Paradise and just let it be one of those places that everyone could post not just the creator. That way retired horses don't just disappear but a legacy built around them. I could see this being an awesome way for people to keep track of horses that have been retired as well now that the retired account on the main site is gone and we can't either just toss them there or lease them there. It could act as a retired horse catalog.

    I do understand everyones view points and respect that. I'm natorious myself for having so many horses and focusing on certain ones when I go in game so I guess this wouldn't effect me very well either now that I think about it lol

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    Maybe this could be done in the RP section? Like make a thread specifically for showing of retired horses? I haven't read the rules for the RP section yet, so don't quote me on that just yet xD But that is something that could be looked into maybe

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    I like the idea of having a thread / long-time challenge dedicated to our older retired pixels, definitely much more than having an implemented age system to follow. I'm forever changing the DOBs on my own horses because I get too attached and want them to stay younger for longer, or if they reach their last title earlier than what I personally deem realistic for them.

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