[Wanted] Dressage and Show Jumping Horses

  • After selling half my horses last year so I could have a small team that I could reliably enter into T shows, I now have a very small amount of horses that aren't really justifying entering R shows (I own one show jumper...) - so I'm looking to buy some nice new horses to join my competition team. All horses will enter every R show in their disciplines, and will likely enter challenges where ever relevant as well as having scrapbook updates. They definitely won't drop off the face of the universe, and I'm more than happy to do a loan to buy to ease any worries. I am not interested in horses just because of their pedigree points.. they will actually live in my game and have lives and stories.

    What I'm looking for:

    • Preferably a warmblood breed
    • Competing in either Show Jumping or Dressage
    • Non-Foundation
    • If you intend to micromanage me I am not interested.
    • Happy to do loan to buy, which is where you loan the horse to me for a probationary period so we can both see if its a good match, and if it is then I buy the horse. I am NOT interested in any straight loans where I do not have the possibility of purchasing the horse at the end.
    • No stud offers etc - looking to buy already created horses, and I am not looking to breed my own horses.

    More than happy to pay whatever the horse is worth so if you have anything suitable please feel free to message me here or on slack :smile_cat:

  • I know you said you're looking for already created horses but I can't resist to offer you something nonetheless and I don't intend to micromanage you :relaxed:

    I could bred you a horse (age can be set so the horse would be 3-4 years already, if you want, I really don't mind) out of Liebesglück (chestnut dutch warmblood mare, competing in Show Jumping at Grand Prix level and is international titled) and Beryllium HF (grey swedish warmblood stallion, son of the well-known Howler HF and competing in SJ at Grand Prix; Bery 'only' has 179 points yet but he's still competing so he will get the international title sooner or later). The foal would be a 3rd generation horse and recieve 19 predigree points (as soon as Bery hits the 200 points mark, of course; at the moment the foal would 'only' recieve 18 points) and possible color options would either be grey or bay (depending on the randomzier unless you have a specific color-wish). Same goes for the gender.

    If you intrested just shot me pm :)

    • Preferably a warmblood breed

    Well I know this is not exactly what you meant but riding strain Finnhorses are listed as warmbloods here so... :kissing_heart:

  • @Luna-Andrews
    Well it fits under 'warmblood' doesn't it :wink:
    I only say warmblood because it's easier to interbreed them all, but I'm kind of daft about weird crosses.

  • I have a 4yo KWPN stallion in Dressage, he's mother is RDEC Granada (RDEC Gardemarin x RDEC Ambassador). :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Eowyn-Vance Just send me a letter if you think a Finnhorse would suit your needs :innocent:

  • This post is deleted!

  • My SJ team is tiny to begin with, but there are two horses I could sell:

    FX Valeriano #27076 Stallion Age 4
    British Warmblood Grey (black) RDEC Van Victo x MBS Carmina Show Jumping bonus +7 // Eventing bonus + 8 SJ points: 6 alt text

    Valeriano is a 3rd generation show jumper/eventer with an impressive pedigree featuring two international champions, one state champion and a regional champion in show jumping, as well as warmbloods graded both Premium and Exceptional, and Elite (x2). He's just started competing and placed 4th in his first show. At the moment he's one of my most promising young horses.

    FX Aaron #27077 Stallion Age 4
    British Warmblood Bay MBS Atlas x MBS Daisy May Show Jumping bonus +2 // Show Hunting bonus + 3 SJ points: 7 alt text

    Aaron is pure homebred horse rocking some nice movements and good bascule. His sire has had his troubles in the arena, but his dam's show hunting records make up for it rather nicely and he placed third in his first ever show. He's got a good conformation and a bright future ahead of him.

    I also have some dressage Andalusians, but I'm not going to list them here. Let me know if you're interested in one.

  • Thank you so much for all the offers, I've totally been blown away by the response :see_no_evil: It's been hard choosing between horses (I wish I could buy them all but im trying to be responsible) but I think I've found my show jumpers so I'm currently just looking for Dressage horses.. which seem to be supremely hard to come by :laughing:

    Again, everyone thank you so much for the offers, I appreciate it <3

  • @Eowyn-Vance Ive still got 3 warmbloods available in my sale :) All have pedigree bonuses and their parents are all still competing xx

  • I may have a few dressage horses to offer (all greys, for whatever coincidental reason ¯_(ツ)_/¯). My new computer is supposed to arrive this week, at which point I can hopefully get actual pictures of any you're interested in - just let me know.

    • CDC Marengo, grey (black-based) Hanoverian stallion
      (WEC Knight Divine x CDC Seduction)
      was actually created in May 2012 so he's an old boy, but since the owner went inactive, his age is open to however old you'd like to make him. Currently dual-registered eventing/dressage, but can be changed to just dressage. 8 eventing points, 35 dressage points, +2 pedigree bonus in dressage from sire.
    • CDC Uppsala, grey (chestnut-based) KWPN mare
      (VRH Manchester x PRH Refinesse)
      may not be available - have a tentative owner for her already, but thought I'd put her up here in case that falls through and you're interested. 5 years old with 47 dressage points and +10 pedigree points from parents.
    • CDC Fabritius, grey (black-based) Westphalian colt
      (AmB Fürstenball x WHM Ffionette)
      perhaps a bit young for you, idk what age you're looking for, but this is a newborn colt. While he obviously does not have any points himself yet, he does get +14 pedigree points.

    Just let me know if you're interested in seeing any of them, and I'll try to get pictures as soon as I have a working computer again (this week, I hope!). :kissing_heart:

  • I bred and sold two Dressage horses and one Show Jumper last year which came back to me. All have a great Pedigree and are hanoverians. You can lease them at first if you want to look if they fit in your team :slight_smile:
    The Show Jumper has 46 Points so far, is 3rd Gen and both parents have 100+ and 150+, the grandfather also 150+
    DM me if you're interested in one of them :)

  • This time of year seems to be a popular time for people looking for the same thing that I am so I'm trying to not let this thread get lost - I am still looking for Dressage horses right now that I can both compete and use for challenges and scrapbook updates; they have more worth to me than just their pedigree points so if you have one you'd like to sell please feel free to contact me ^^

  • I still have some Finnish fluffies available if you're interested :two_hearts:

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