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  • Any questions or concerns, please post them below :heart:

  • I've got some questions...

    • Is possible to enter horses of any age (youngers, foals...) or only adult ones?

    • Are horses (and handlers) allowed to be in movement or only standing?

    (I also want to say I really love the judging system :heart_eyes_cat: )

  • @Vera-Alvarez

    Horses above the age of 4 are allowed to enter so no foals or yearlings.
    And yes horses are allowed to display movement - walk or trot - along with their handler.
    I’ll add both of these to the main post :smile:

  • @Jasmine-Wilkinson good! thanks!! :smile:

  • @Breanna-Fahnestock said in {Ends 14/4} International Open Lead Show || CHATTER:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole "1 upvote = 1 challenge vote" - I think this is how Challenges shold be judged, let it be based on the Likes!

    I dislike it, mostly because Don't hate on me for this but it feels more like a popularity contest and it feels like it will end up aimed more towards warmbloods/arabians.

    I was going to enter some of my stocks but now feel really really discouraged and like there isn't a chance at them.....

    Something else,
    It says stallions handlers over the age of 18...what about ponies (mares) can they be handled by younger?

    And does the provided arena have to be used?

  • I agree with Marc, but the idea how to judge in general is good!
    But... If you post your entry very early at the beginning of the challenge, you will get more likes than a picture that is posted only a few days or even hours before the challenge ends... Could be a little difficult I think.

  • @Marc-Sanders

    I am quite aware that this type of judging style might not be for everyone and that it may have its faults, i just thought for a change that it might be something interesting to try other than the traditional way to judge challenges. Sometimes it can be a long and complicated process going through all entries giving individual feedback (i also understand that challenge hosts should be prepared for large judging in any case), hence where this idea mainly sprung from. This challenge wasn’t made to make people feel like it’s a popularity contest and by all means i understand where you’re coming from, but i just wanted to chuck something new in the ways of challenges for people to try out and i’m sorry it has made many feel this way

    Stallions need to be handled by handlers over 18, but mares and geldings are allowed to be handled by someone younger.

    And no you don’t have to use the arena provided. You’re most definitely allowed to use your own. It was just provided in case people weren’t sure what to use :smile:

  • This might be a difficult thing to carry out and would require some more effort, plus I’m not sure how some of the participants would feel.. Is it possible that entries could be sent in to a google sheet only viewable by the host, and then the host would post their picture plainly with no name of the owner and their horses name if they choose. That way it might encourage the voters to not be biased towards certain names?

    Of course certain people have a very distinctive style of editing but I feel like it could be something new a different for everyone involved.

  • Administrators

    I would suggest a judging window if you're going to use this method, just to give those who enter near the end at least some chance of getting more votes. Not everyone is going to be online the day of closing, some can only check on very specific days so even just a week open judging period would make it more fair.

  • After much thought and helpful feedback on what you guys would like, the judging system is in for a couple changes.

    We will still have the same voting system, open to the public, but to prevent bias votes you will send them via a google form visible by only me. Once the challenge has closed, the entries will be posted with a # number only (so anonymously) and another form will be opened allowing members to vote for their favorite # entry/s. Once the voting period is over and closed, winning entries will be revealed :heart:

  • So entries are not being posted in the thread?

  • @Marc-Sanders

    Entries will now be submitted via the form :)

  • I know lots of questions

    How can we claim this on our ticket trackers if entries aren't being posted to the thread itself......

  • Administrators

    @Marc-Sanders Just link the spreadsheet where the entries are listed and list your numbers. In the future questions like these just aren't something people running challenges can answer unless they're staff, you're always free to ping me to ask though!

  • Thank you for hosting, it was fun :)

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