[Wanted] Showjumping and Eventing Horses to buy/breed.

  • I am looking for some mares to compete with as my team is heavily made up of stallions. All horses will enter into every R show relevant to their discipline and will have scrapbook updates. They will be well looked after and will stay with us for the rest of their days. I do need some mares for breeding purposes but they will be competed and bred responsibly and the foal will stay with me. If you have a mare who could be offered for a breeding please let me know.

    I am looking for:

    Preferably a warmblood breed
    Competing in either Show Jumping or Eventing (I will consider dressage as second discipline.
    Preferably not foundation although if they have good points I am still interested.
    If you would like to just offer a mare for a breeding - please let me know their points/pedigree and we can discuss further.
    I am willing to pay so please just message me on Slack or here and we can discuss further!

  • Babe, you have always a breeding guaranteed here, you remember, right <3

  • @Alice-Palmer Ive still got 3 warmbloods available in my sale :) All have pedigree bonuses and their parents are all still competing xx

  • I have a few mares that may potentially be available for sale. There is the issue that I don't currently have a working sims computer so I don't have up to date photos of these horses, but the new one is set to arrive this week, so hopefully I can rectify that soon. Let me know if you're interested in any of the below horses, and I'll do my best to get pictures as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

    • CDC Viola, black Oldenburg mare
      (VE Vigilante x CDC Valyria)
      12 year old mare dual-registered in eventing and show jumping, though I've been competing her mainly in show jumping since she came back to me - she receives +5 pedigree points from her sire. She currently has 82 points of her own in show jumping, and 105 in eventing.
    • CDC Belize, bay Belgian Warmblood mare
      (LEC Call Me Cassius x DMS Viva La Vida)
      5 year old show jumping mare with . She receives +11 in pedigree points from her sire/dam/grandsire, and another +2 for her own current titles as she has 51 show jumping points herself.
    • CDC Ottilia, chestnut Hanoverian mare
      (SSE Old Navy x Fifth Avenue S)
      9 year old mare who receives +13 in pedigree points in show jumping from her sire/dam/grandsire, and currently has 120 show jumping points of her own on top of that.
    • CDC Damaris, chestnut Hanoverian filly
      (WEC Diederik x DMS Viva La Vida)
      newborn filly who has a pedigree bonus of +15 in show jumping. I'm not sure if you're interested in a newborn, but thought I'd but her in here just in case.

  • I could offer a great Show Jumper :)
    Hanoverian Stallion, 3rd Gen, 46 Points and an amazing pedigree (parents have 100+ and 150+ points in SJ, the grandfather 150+ in SJ and Eventing)
    Dm me if you're interested ^^

  • @Erin-Ward Hi Erin! If Alice is not interested in CDC Damaris, id love to buy her if possible.
    I just retiered 2 of my show jumpers and i am looking for new prospects to compete with :)

    @Alice-Palmer Ill pm you on slack, i might have a horse you are interested in ^^

  • I have a Finnish Warmblood mare and a British Warmblood mare for sale here. They're both foundations, but they both have points in show jumping and eventing.

  • @Erin-Ward I am definitely interested in the 2 Hanoverian mares and maybe the Oldenburg, I have Pm'd you on Slack <3

  • Thanks everyone, I will contact you all today! <3

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