[OPEN] Vanaheim and Brigadier Stud Services

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    Welcome to Vanaheim and Brigadier Equestrian's stud services! I've been hoarding my boys up until now, but I'm pleased to be introducing some new and some well known bloodlines into the community. Just a few things first:

    Reserving a slot:

    • Breedings from stallions can be requested by PM on the forum or on Slack.
    • I am not currently restricting them to covering only certain breeds.
    • I reserve the right to pull a stallion from service at any time.
    • Slots are currently unlimited, but I may remove a stallion if I feel he has produced enough.


    • This is currently a BIY only service due to time constraints. I may offer traditional at a later date.
    • I do not currently have mares available, but I may make an exception if you're looking for offspring in a small discipline.
    • Use of my prefix, (Vanaheim's for SJ/Dressage/Eventing, Brigadier for everything else), is not required, but if you are using a stallion that already carries my prefix, it would be appreciated.
    • I would like offspring to be active in R shows at least; but I'm not going to hunt you down if they're not.
    • If you decide you no longer want the offspring, please let me know! I may be interested in buying them.


    • Payment must be sent before the offspring is created.
    • Payment may be negociated for small disciplines/breeds
    • I may be willing to accept partial payment with CC depending on my needs at the time.

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