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    The academy here at our stables is pleased to offer its first horses for sale on behalf of a client. All the horses listed below are not owned by us, but at boarded here to sell after their temperament, ability and conformation have been assessed.

    Terms of Contract

    • Horses must not have their coat, conformation or mane/tail colour changed without permission. Shine and detail markings may be adjusted as long as the base colour remains the same
    • Horses must not be put up for mass download anywhere
    • The conformation or coat of the horse cannot be used as a template for any other horses
    • If you wish to geld a stallion, please contact the original owner to make sure this is okay
    • If you go inactive for one Equus year, the original owner may be entitled to reclaim the horse
    • These horses must go to active show homes, missing the odd show due to real life events is of course acceptable though
    • To show that you have read and agree to these terms, please include your favourite food in your application

    We currently have one horse for sale, but more will be added soon

    HRST Abendgold
    #11284 | Trakehner Mare | Eventing - 107 points
    Abendgold has been a wonderful mare to have here at the academy. Despite her somewhat negative first impressions, she has settled well and as not shown many signs of being a typical chestnut mare. She was a nervous mare upon arriving, finding it difficult to work and was quite a handful in the stable. After around a week, she settled very nicely and was a pleasure to handle. She is a typical horse - thinks only of her stomach! Food is certainly the way to win this mare's heart, she was constantly snuffling at the pockets of the staff here in search of treats. When being ridden, this mare is sweet and uncomplicated. She has been trained well in the past and this shows with her competition success. We have schooled her up to 1m40 here with an experienced rider, she can be quite nervous so we recommend that beginners do not try to ride her. Her flatwork is well developed and she knows her aids well. She would benefit from more practice out on a cross country course as she can back off from fences time to time. She has had two foals and is a foundation horse. On the whole, this little mare is very sweet and genuine and would make a great addition to any competition team. CAS pictures can be seen on request. All pictures here are unedited besides resizing and minor sharpening,
    For sale on behalf of Thomas Thorley. Asking $40,000 ovno

    There is no set application for this sale. Please be creative and cover the basics such as plans in your application. This is to be sent to me on the forum so I can forward it onto the client to confirm the new owner.

  • Breed Committee

    Still looking for a home for this wonderful mare - open to offers on her.

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